The town of Tiller is an ancient place, providing a market for the numerous farmers and timberwrights who call the local area home. Perched at the southernmost edge of the Smoke Woods, along the widest stretch of the Mythwater, Tiller is tied closely to the economy of nearby Mornhaven, located a mere six miles west. The trade road from Mornhaven continues south from this point, through the Gardens and south along the coast to the Barony of Winewater. The town is also noted as having an unusually high number of semi-retired mages and other spell-casters in its environs. it is ruled by the ancient Tiller clan.


Many assume the village’s name of Tiller hints at an agricultural market, and over the years became such with the site of an important lord’s castle, further developing into a market for local produce, and in more recent years, the center of much of the eastern trade in timber and charcoal. The village’s origins, however, are as a fishing port, as the Mythwater west of Tiller broadens and becomes a valuable fishing area. All the essential services are available to visitors, from metalsmith to hideworker, and even sports an assortment of inns. The lands north and west of the town are extensive fields of grain and orchards of fruit.

In addition, a small trade fort is built here hosting a company of archers from the 4th Army (2nd Archers : “Forest Storm”), that overlooks the important trade route and approaches to Mornhaven. Although small, the fort has a substantial warehouse and stables to supply its forces further east, and is considered an easy posting, primarily used by the 4th Army to rest battle-weary files from its isolated eastern forts. Troops often come here to replace rested forces, and escort supply trains to Winewater, where they are shipped either north to Crossfort near Longbridge, or east to Fort Raven’s Rock along the coast.


Shrine (“Shrine of the Wanderer”) : Temple of Galana, the Lady of the Forest : Consisting of a simple shrine and two back rooms for its priests, the shrine also has a six-room rectory, complete with barracks and private rooms for its clergy, a kitchen and common room, and a copy room complete with a small library that specializes in local bestiaries. The clerics specialize in highly detailed artwork of many common and uncommon beasts, including a popular Illuminating Manuscript entitled “A Field Guide to the Fey World”, that is in constant production. The local priests are noted as being far more “urbane” than most expect of a priesthood of the Forest Queen.

While the leader of the shrine Abbot Quail is moderately powerful, his acolytes and assistants are generally young and of far less power. His senior assistant, Adept Almon is a noted ranger, and all the younger clerics are well-trained as scouts and huntsmen, sometimes accompanying caravans and small bands of woodsmen into the forests when requested. he shrine regularly offers minor spell-casting services, such as healings and blessings, flasks of Holy Water (250 sp per flask), and Potions of Healing (500 sp per flask).


Apothecary (“Alchemist”) : ### $$$ : Hasten Rain is a well-dressed apothecary who is assisted by his wife Relba in the brewing of various potions and healing salves. He does a decent business in common herbs and poultices, but is an alchemist by trade, doing various commissions for the local mages and a brisk trade in alchemical ingredients from the eastern borderlands, finding a ready market in nearby Mornhaven.



Brewery (“Firebrand Distillery”) : ### $$$ : The brothers Felkor and Rens produce fine wines and honey mead from this large distillery, under the “Firebrand” label. The wine sells for 15 sp per bottle, and the mead sells for 120 sp per barrel. They also produce a passable ale at 45 sp per barrel, though it doesn’t see trade outside the local community. The secret to the pair’s success is rumored to be their abilities as minor druids of Korg.


Clothier (“Ropes”) : ### $$$ : While the local clothiers Ruadh and Sibeal Spider produce fine linen and wool cloth, they primarily weave nets for the local fishermen and for export west to Mornhaven. They keep a very small inventory, generally making goods only when commissioned, but they have a large loom and make some of the finest ropes in the region. Few realize both are minor mages from the Arcane Guild, who make liberal use of their Mending cantrips in their work.


Clothier (“Tailor”) : ### $$$$ : Producing caps, cloaks, robes, tunics, dresses and various other garments for locals, Ringean Ostler is a former adventurer who walks with a noticeable limp and is missing three fingers from his left hand. He produces a wide variety of goods, from excellent gowns to common serf’s tunics, suitable for almost any occasion short of a visit to court in Mornhaven. His prices are somewhat inflated, but most people who use his services don;t care.



Guild of Arcane Lore (“Fellstar Tower”) : ### $$$ : Master Abras Fellstar is a powerful Mavari of the Shek-Pvar, who resides in a tall stone tower along with three young apprentices. From a major branch of the infamous Starfall clan of the Fellreeves, he is known as very imperious and highly independent from his clan. Known for his powerful magic relics with an origin in the hoards of Amber Mages, such as his Boots of Flying and Wand of Lightning Bolts, he is flamboyant in spell and mannerisms both. He also serves the local noble clan as an adviser, but is known to take a commission if the price is right. His apprentices are skilled minor mages themselves, one of whom, Gristle is close to beginning his own status as a Journeyman mage.


Hideworker (“Leathers”) : ### $$$$ : Holt Trellis is a typical hideworker, operating a small hide production facility outside town where the smells won’t be noticed, but making coats, pouches, belts, quivers and whips for local sale in a small shop off the market commons. He doesn’t make boots or armor.


Innkeeper (“Inn of the Dead Minotaur”) : #### $$$$ : A large, sprawling inn with almost two-dozen comfortable rooms renting for 20 sp per night. Meals are pork and beef roasts, or roast fowl served with mushrooms, beans and fresh bread, selling for 10 sp per serving. The local Firebrand Wine is popular, along with various other imported wines from Berryshore and Dale, selling for 20 sp per bottle. In addition, he keeps his own cellar-brewed ale and beer, both fine dark-malted beverages selling for 5 sp per pitcher. It also has an attached stable for 10 sp per mount.

The Inn of the Dead Minotaur is named for the musty old minotaur’s head that hangs in the common room, apparently slain by the owner, Gallion Court, a retired gladiator from the Border Kingdoms. While the inn is considered expensive, it is also the best place for miles, and is commonly visited by merchants along the southern coastal trade roads, who come with an expectation of good food and service, before making their entrance into Mornhaven the following day. Many a business deal, usually regarding wines and mead from Winewater, is often brokered here by merchants trying to avoid entrance to the city and its gate fees.


Innkeeper (“Tavern of the West Wind”) : ### $$$ : Operated by a pair of mages from the Mage’s Guild of Mornhaven, who retired to raise their families, the West Wind is a simple tavern. Selling common beer 2 sp per pitcher, and sometimes harder liquors brought in from Mornhaven, it has a handful of private (and expensive) rooms available on request, at 10 sp per night. These rooms are unexceptional single bunks with a clothes press and washbasin, and little else, but are commonly used by adventurers who appreciate the guarantee of privacy and protection offered by the mages.

Zelmar and Hack are fairly minor mages, but managed to score big on an excursion into the southern seas, returning with a lost hoard of pirate treasure, which they converted into this tavern and settled into a bucolic life with wives and children and quiet contemplation. The inn is run by their families, and the pair share a library and research facility built on the border of their two farms outside town. They sometimes sell spell scrolls, such as Identify, Detect Magic, Read Magic and Find Familiar to interested parties, and collect rare ingredients which their patrons in the Mage’s Guild in Mornhaven appreciate. They have a comfortable life and no intention to disrupt it by further adventuring.


Innkeeper (“Stoneraven Tavern”) : ### $$$$ : Owned by the “Stoneraven” brothers, Falco and Gap, this tavern has a handful of comfortable single rooms available for 12 sp per night, and sells light soups and stews with baked bread (4 sp per serving), local ales and beer (5 cp per tankard) and the ever-present Firebrand Mead (3 sp per pitcher). They keep a very poor selection of wines in their cellars.

The real draw at the inn, however, is darts/ Gap is very skilled, and dominates the local gambling regarding the sport, with three throws of three darts each determining the winner. Gaming at the Stoneraven is very popular as a local pastime among craftsmen, and can net a heavy purse of silver each night to the successful.


Mercantyler (Spec : Money Changer) : ### $$$ : A well-protected stone building with no windows and a heavy iron door, Nelli Latch and her guards take care to ensure visitors to her shop are unarmed and respectable folk. Offering usurers services, often trading gemstones and jewelry for coin of the realm, few are aware the large magical stone statue in the main room is also one of her guards. She is known to keep several thousand in gold coin on the site at all times. Some claim she is secretly an illusionist.


Mercantyler (Spec : Provisions) : ### $$$ : Pheledmor Magemouth is a half-elven merchant, whose small store exclusively sells provisions of fine food and drink. The store has three large warehouses with a large stock of goods, and can fill almost any order requested. He has items imported to the town from Mornhaven on a regular basis, such as rare wines, elegant baked goods and rare fruit, such as grapes. The bulk of his business involves preserved foods such as grain, nuts, pickled vegetables, and dried fruit or fish, and he is the primary supplier to the Forest Kingdom’s 4th Army. He is an aging 187, rumored to be a wizard, and his grandson Yeldim, a young sixteen year-old is his heir, who studies magic under the local court mage, Fellstar.


Metalsmith : ### $$$ : Davon Smith is a typical smith who sells common ironmongery to the local town. He is known to produce heavy iron strong chests for sale into Mornhaven.


Miller : ### $$$ : Located just down the raid from the local timberwright’s, Lidda Sunsbright is a halfling miller whose family grind local grains for export to Mornhaven. She operates the mill proper, while her husband Gelms manages the shipments and their handful of carts that ship their barley, rye and wheat flours west to market. Their workers are all well-armed, and tend to be close relatives, all originally from Dreadwaters March.


Shipwright : ### $$$ : A small dock here holds room for a dozen small boats, most of which are often found on the wide Mythwater west of Tiller. Another three spaces can hold larger barges or shallow draft larger boats, but are used infrequently, due to the far better port in Mornhaven. The local shipwright, Master Chord Basher is semi-retired, and spends most of his time working with the local fishermen in mending nets and boats, rather than building new vessels, but can construct a new barge or pinda if commissioned.

Outside the shipwrights is a stone statue of Hydania, that the local fishermen commissioned some years ago, and treat like a shrine.


Timberwright : ### $$$ : Master Eran Brokenfire, the owner/operator of this wheel-driven timber mill makes a pretty penny shipping in timber from across the nearby region for production of lumber intended for the markets in Mornhaven. In addition, he hosts the Charcolaer’s Guild and their efforts in the same complex, resulting in a large double barracks and close working efforts between both guilds in shipping and common labour. As expected, the guild holds a position of power among the local guilds, but does not apply his influence as closely as he might. He keeps a sprawling manor north of town, with about a hundred acres of free farmland, some of which is established to raise seedlings for planting cleared timber sites.


Weaponcrafter (Spec : Armor) : ### $$$$ : Alton Bastard is an armorer whose strength and exceeding bravery marks him well in the local militia. He produces most any metal armor, but prefers to work in plate mail, and has been known to forge larger two-handed swords and great axes, if the money is good.


Weaponcrafter (Spec : Arrows) : #### $$$$ : Pelostar is an elven fletcher who makes most of his wealth through producing highly distinctive and brightly fletched arrows, selling for 20 sp per dozen. A prominent member of the local militia, his magic bow leads the local archers during regular practice every month.


Weaponcrafter (Spec : Bows) : #### $$$$ : Another elven weaponsmith, Warden produces excellent quality shortbows (300 sp each) and longbows (850 sp each). Many of his bows are considered masterwork weapons, which have a market across southern Seaholme.


Woodcrafter : #### $$$$ : Martain Woodhew, of the famous Mornhaven’s Woodhew clan, is the local woodcrafter, but is also a druid of Korg and works almost exclusively with carefully harvested timber from a few acres of forest that he uses to plant and harvest exclusively for his own purposes; a so-called Forest Shield. An excellent craftsman, he also demands top coin for his services, always assisted by his wife and children. He is said to make props and other tools for his friend Master Balmorrow in Briar’s Wood.


Clan Tiller Crest

Lord Galton Tiller is a competent knight and fighter, who leads the clan and sits in council with the Warduchess in the City of Greenwalls. Lady Faiewind Tiller is a minor priest of the Celestial Paladin, while their heir is their daughter Andrella, a mage of some repute. The family is known for its quiet nature, and while its lands are not extensive, they have still managed to establish themselves through trade and careful husbandry of what they do control. The extensive fields north-west and south of the town are an important part of their income, but the stumpage fees from harvesting the timber from the north-eastern edges of the Smoke Woods are its present claim to wealth. The clan has a good reputation and keeps a small force of two companies of troopers in the barracks of their tower fort overlooking town. The fort includes a pair of extensive gardens behind its walls, and a tower granted directly to Master Abras Fellstar, where he watches over the clan’s relics, which are rumored to include a Crystal Ball.

As expected, the Timberwrights and Charcoalers guilds both havepotential in leading regional politics, primarily through Master Eran Brokenfire, but he holds a very light hand over the local operators. In point of fact, Master Brokenfire pays little attention to local politics, as his concerns are mostly regarding the difficult timber camps south of Tiller in the Timber Glens, where bandits have recently been an issue. While he could exert more pressure locally, he does not, spending whatever free time he has with his loving family and he has gained a reputation as an open-hearted and beloved guildsman.


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