Village of Boggle


The village of Boggle is the northernmost community of the Ambarin Valley. Lying on a bend of the Ambarin River, it is just on the edge of the Oxbriar Fens and the Checkwood, the large woodland in the hollow of the wilderness to the north. The village consists of about two dozen small steadings, located in the northern valley below the Howe of the Morn. Fairly traditional in appearance, it lies ten (10) miles north of the City of Greenwalls, along “Old Forest Road”, with few craftsmen, but is a common stop along the road for travellers seeking the ruins of Eveningstar, though it often sees foresters from the Camp Fells. It otherwise has little to do with the rest of the Forest Kingdom, and is fairly apolitical.

The Mothalla : The largest, finest building in Boggle, the Mothalla has cedar shingles and its stone walls are covered in vines , telling of its great age. The stone statue of an armed warrior stands before its large double doors. An ancient relic of its Ninnellen past, the Mothalla serves as both the town hall for the Mangai, and the local market when the harvests are complete. Essentially a single, large hall, wit several thick trunks of whole trees acting as pillars and numerous old tables and benches along its walls. Down the middle of the hall are two central stone hearths large enough to roast a whole ox; something which happens during the harvest feasts. The building is usually locked unless a meeting is in session.

The building hosts the weekly village meetings, when its six council members meet to discuss village needs and affairs of note. The council is very traditional, having two members of each ancient “caste”; “Crafer”, “Hunter” and “Grower”, an ancient Ninnellen tradition. They discuss the weather, crops, herds, needed supplies, and other needs of the village, such as defense. To arm a local militia, a collection of spears, shields and daggers is kept in racks in the cellars, but the strength of any militia is its bows, and none are kept here, with all of them being privately owned by its members.

The local council is led by Tuvari Redshield. a farmer who is fairly successful but makes a better leader than a farmer. He has trained a core of locals as militia from his past in the Royal Army, fifteen locals who can defend prepared positions at need, but are unable to engage an enemy on the field. He is commonly found on his small farm, but meets with locals at the Green Goose to discuss concerns.


Shrine (“House of the Ploughman”) : Temple of Korg the Father of the Fields : A well-tended chapel of the Ploughman, with fine carvings of the sheaf and sickle all about its edges. This small stone building is a single long hall, in many ways it appears as the village Mothalla, and often confuses travellers. The interior is a single open hall, with a central rune-etched hearth surrounded by many short stone benches. The walls are covered in wooden screens depicting scenes of bucolic farm life, interspersed with natural images of forests, deer and other wildlife looking on the farms. The floors are strewn with loose stalks of hay.

Travellers are most welcome here, and many of the locals follow the “Old Faith”, and find refuge here for private worship, as the sect’s priest is a druid, and respects worshipers of Korg’s sister the Lady of the Forest. The shrine has little of worth to travellers, however, beyond access to a few flasks of holy water, and a handful of coins left by locals and other travellers for the shrine’s upkeep. Looting the shrine is ill-advised, as the town would rise up and mob the pillagers.

The shrine is maintained by Coinneach Riverwater, a young druid appointed by the Arch-Druid directly. Although lacking a civilized training in the sect’s training halls, Coinneach is a highland youth whose faith is unquestioned, and he has an understanding of nature and medicine few of his peers can match. He parts with his handful of flasks of holy water, only in the face of proven need (250 sp per flask). He does offer healing services typical of other priests (500 sp per casting). He lives in a small cottage behind the shrine, which has a small stable for his pack mule. He is typically found in the shrine, or making his rounds among the local farms, helping with their work, and is the best source of rumor and news among the villagers.


Clothier : ### $$$ : This large shop has a small separate room for clients to change their clothes, and to provide private fittings. The main workshop is neatly kept with cloth and tools carefully arranged and maintained to minimize waste. Sirena Ravensmoor is a Seareach Castle refugee, who fled to Shem many years ago when her village was raided by hill giants. She lost her husband in the militia, but brought her two young children, who are now nearly of an age to begin their own journeyman status. She is moderately skilled and capable of altering clothing above its previous status (worn to comfortable). Her trademark, however, is a woven cloak (6 sp – forest green with gold threadwork) following her clan’s traditional patterns, and a padded wool undercoat (30 sp) popular among the militia.


Clothier : ### $$$ : Tannis Fardeep is a capable clothier who spends most of his efforts making wool broadcloth from local goat and auroch herds. He works constantly, trying to keep up with demands, mostly to avoid his difficult wife Frangag. Frangag is tall and built strongly, a former herder’s daughter, and a capable leader of the local militia. She lets everyone know about it, too. Her husband’s position on the council has only made her even more obnoxious – even though he would just as soon not be on the council at all. He does use it as an excuse to get out of the house for walks, however. Everyone in the village is well aware he didn’t propose the marriage. He is, however, a good source of local gossip, once you gain his trust and get him talking. He sells two grades of wool (Worsted – 100 sp per yard, Serge – 10 sp per yard), the former a fine auroch wool and the latter a mix of goat wool. He also makes a form of canvas from local marsh grasses (Buckram – 16 sp per yard), from which he can make simple tents (160 sp – 20-lbs) for travellers, paying the Tentmaker’s guild for the privelege.


Hideworker : ### $$$ : A cobbler by specialization, Caileah Fern is a simple enough man whose local fame is his wonderful “Dragonscale Boots” (2 gp per pair). Though well-made and durable, they are actually lizard-skins from the fens, but are fashionable enough to find trade outside the village, and are popular with the Green Feather Coster out of Seville. Otherwise he produces regular leather boots (9 sp), belts (4 sp), pouches (6 sp), shoulder bags (18 sp – capable of carrying 20-lbs), waterskins (2 sp), scabbards (6 sp) and quivers (6 sp – 20 arrow/bolt capacity).


Hideworker : #### $$$ : Sibeal Hillbrow is the local furrier, and she makes a fair business collecting pelts from nearby foresters and hunters, preparing them and selling them to the Green Feather Coster. She sometimes produces a popular fur-trimmed cloak, but usually refers customers to the clothier next door. Her popular trade good is a fur-lined bedroll (14 sp – wool and fur-lined), very popular with travellers. She is known to make leather armor (120 sp) for local militia members, and a rough hide and wooden shield (40 sp) as well, and usually has a spare set or shield on hand to sell to travellers. Her other goods are typical pelts (rabbit – 1 sp, marten – 2 sp, wolf – 50 sp, auroch – 100 sp).


Innkeeper (“The Green Goose”) : ### $$$ : A large weathered stone building with a signboard of a green goosehead in profile. The only inn for miles in any direction, the Green Goose provides both traveller and locals as an alehouse. The building is a large single common hall, with deep cellars and kitchens. Spartan with a central hearth , it is surrounded by tables and benches in a disorderly pattern. Its floors are strewn with rushes from the nearby fens, and its walls are covered in simple, though colorful tapestries of local historical events. Along one back wall is a heavy stone-covered table to prepare meals, and a cot in one corner for the owner’s representative, Rashida Greenfeather, which also hides her strongbox for funds. The inn is actually owned by a merchant from Seville, Master Drythorn, but is operated by Rashida, a former slave from Seareach, who is technically a bonded master innkeeper, though Drythorn is still trying to get her certification approved through the Mangai. Her husky voice and friendly nature make her popular, though at twenty-eight (28), she is something of an “old maid” among the local inhabitants.

The tavern produces a simple, cloudy ale (3 cp per tankard), most of the tavern’s ales are imported from Seville, and far more expensive (dark ale : 1 sp per tankard). Wine is also available, though of various vintages and expensive (2 sp per tankard). Meals are usually thick pottage stews flavored with squirrel, rabbit and whatever else she can acquire, sold to locals at the cheap price of (2 cp per serving), and to visitors at a higher price (1 sp per serving). Sometimes, roasts of a more substantial form are available from locals as whole fowl or joints of ham (3 sp per serving). Travel rations are available in the form of local foods (spiced eggs, cheese dried beans, a loaf of hard-baked bread and a wineskin of watered ale, for 3 sp per day’s serving), tied into an old bean sack, but usually only small amounts can be made for travellers. The Goose has no provision for guests to spend the night, but offers camping in the trade wayhouse off the commons during harsh weather. The tavern only closes an hour or so after nightfall, and remains barred until the sun rises in the morning.



Mercantyler (“Sign of the Green Feather”) : ### $$$ : A former Chandler’s establishment, the Sign of the Green Feather is representative of the Green Feather Trade Coster investments of the last decade. Once the shop of one Hardin Redtower, his death left no apprentice and no interest in assigning a new franchise to the community, and Hardin’s widow without a means of support. Master Drythorn of Seville purchased the franchise and converted it into a more traditional “general store” found in urbane locations, and offered the widow Redtower the opportunity to take over the business as his “journeyman”. She has since earned her status as journeyman with the merchant’s guild, and has stayed on as Drythorn’s agent, as she loves her little community. The Green Feather Coster uses the shop as a tradepost and often spends the night behind the store when it passes through the village.

Doreahn is an older widow, well-respected among the locals, though she does not sit on the council. She is especially close to the clothier, Sirena, and the two spend countless hours together on the covered porch to the shop in the early evenings. Many local women are known to drop by and share a cup or two, and the gathering has become known as the Circle of the Council. She sells many items the locals would be unable to acquire otherwise, such as luxury goods like soaps, fine thread, copper pots and steel knives. Much of what people would consider “adventurer’s goods” can be found here most of the time, typically second-hand, but often kept in supply by passing Green Feather merchants. She can order in goods, but it can take a good ten-day to acquire, so only locals usually avail themselves of the service.


Potter : ### $$$ : Riave is a s clanless twenty-four year-old immigrant from Katarre, known for her pretty face, curly brown hair, and wares. She produces common pottery, ranging from flasks and mugs to heavy glazed urns meant for storerooms in wealthy cellars. A bot of a flirt, she and Rashida from the Green Goose are close friends, and most of her production is bought by the Green Feather Coster. Her wares sell from 1 cp to 5 sp depending on size and purpose.


The northern Ambarin lands are noteworthy for the close edges of the Grand Escarpment, and the general wet nature of its lands, promoting herds and pasture over crops and orchards. There are two major local farms of note, large enough and important enough to receive their own entries.

The Vineyards : A large farm owned by Aonghus Vineyard, who originally hies from Ramos. He settled in the hamlet, investing in a locally scarce product, Oilberries. The sandy soils and general wetness of the lands has led to bumper crops , though it took a few years to get his orchards operating at full capacity. Now, the only producer of the rare crop in the northern Ambarin Vale, he has monopolized the sale of the valuable oil in Seville and the local region.

Aonghus’ steading is a large affair with a small oil press, a couple storage roundhouses, and a sizable stable of ponies, which he collects and breeds as a hobby. He is known to go to great lengths to procure any that catch his eye, and often sells “lesser specimens” to locals. He has a few cottagers who double as armed yeomen, and is always accompanied by a couple of these men when about on business. His marvelous warhorse, “Black Night” is combat-trained and a fierce specimen of Ramosan stock; many local nobles pay him for breeding the beast with their own horses. Aonghus is known to treat visitors to his farm with pickled oilberries, cheese and wine when they visit. He is easily the wealthiest farmer, but does not sit on the council.

Witherling Farms : The large farmland here is home to Dragolen Withering and his substantial pastures of auroch. Commonly afield for days at a time, he is the best-known of the locals and the most-traveled of locals, knowing most of the back paths and trails in the region. Outwardly a hard, gruff man, Dragolen is warm to those he considered friends and family. His wife Anabladh is typical among localwomen, though her husband’s prominence has thrust her into a political position in the local council, something she constantly tries to separate herself from to little avail. They have two young sons Aonghus and Drake, who consistently declare their intent to join the royal army.

Village of Boggle

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