Village of Cold Springs


Source of the Coldwright Stream that flows through Mosswater, consisting of a dozen cottagers working a large landhold for the Stonebird clan, it had a simple palisade and ditch for defenses. It also possessed a smithy and an inn “The Waters of the Vale”, noted for its locally brewed ale. About a mile north, half-way between Mosswater and the village, along the stream, was a mill, though only its foundations remain.

The village was attacked and destroyed early during the troll invasion of late-TR 1000, and remains a haunted, lonely site that offers some protection from the elements and wandering dangers within the crumbling walls of its manor.


Stonebird Clan Crest

Maldonuich Stonebird was a retired adventurer, who claimed his name and swore fealty to the Greatwyrm clan in TR 916. He founded the village of Cold Springs at this time, and his descendants ruled in some prosperity until its destruction in TR 1000 at the hands of marauding trolls. The clan gained its wealth from a nearby lair of cockatrice, that gave it the crest today.

Village of Cold Springs

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