Village of Fishtown


The village of Fishtown, is a suburb of the metropolis Mornhaven, located outside its western walls along and south of Berryshore Road, reaching to the coast. The local community serves the semi-urban poor of the town, most of whom are involved in its fishing industry. Under the jurisdiction of the city laws, property holders are subject to its laws but pay reduced taxes and fees in comparison to those who dwell behind the walls. Most citizens have small plots for gardens in the open areas, and the population includes several craftfolk, in addition to the farmers and fishermen of the village. Most folk also keep goats, who graze the lands below the walls to the north. There is also a large Ostler’s Commons located here, to hold livestock bound for the Sunset Market on the west part of town.

Most of the buildings here are typical fieldstone houses with thatched roofs, but there are also several more urban limestone buildings constructed from stonework shipped in from Capstone, only a few miles west along the Berryshore Road. Unlike the village of Briar’s Wood on the north side of town, there are only a few boarding houses in the village, all of which serve mariners and a few mercenaries, all of which are older and made of far more sturdy stonework. Most merchants with contacts in the Westlaws, keep a small warehouse here as well. There are no woodlots near the walls, though there are a few small fields of vegetables and scattered fruit orchards.

In addition, numerous town tanners and hideworkers maintain their tanneries in the north part of the village, though their actual shops are within the city itself. This is due, primarily, to the smells associated with curing hides and leather in urine and other harsh chemicals, which add to the local aromas. Furthermore, next to the small docks, are the barracks for the Sea Wolves mercenary troop, who act as the unofficial police for the community, and always have at least a company of troops in residence at any given time.


Courtesan (“House of the Golden Cave”) : ### $$$ : A fairly common establishment, the Golden Cave serves mostly sailors and mercenaries. Kessel Webber, a cousin of the more infamous Red Lady, maintains a half-dozen pretty girls and young men, who are usually exotic foreigners. Prices are 2-3 sp per hour, and light ales and wines are available at 2 sp per pitcher.


Harper : ### $$$ : Haedoriel, an elven bard of some local renown, maintains a residence here, working the western markets and tavern commonrooms. He is a noted source of gossip about travellers using the western gates, and does tutor others in various instruments and singing skills, though he commands fairly substantial fees.


Innkeeper’s (“The Traveller’s Rest”) : ### $$$ : A large inn catering to incoming traders, allowing up to forty (40) overnight guests in separate private quarters, with average fare and occasional entertainment. Rooms include a pallet, clothes press and washbasin with clean sheets, and cost 5 sp per night. Fish and other seafood features highly on the menu, served as stews and soups for 3 sp per serving, though with salt bread and smoked goat cheese. The inn serves a very rough ale, known as “Brine Ale” made in the cellars and going for 2 cp per tankard. Various Berryshore wines and other local beers are also available for 2 sp per pitcher.


Mercantyler (“Greengrocer”) : ### $$$ : The shop of Ligni Shipsmaster, a Vulcaniri merchant with ties to many visiting merchants from the Land of a Thousand Kings. He mainyl sells produce from the surrounding farms, as well as various handicrafts from the people of nearby Bogwater, as well as several types of fish. He is rumored to have contacts among the local smugglers.


Metalsmith’s (“Andril’s Sword and Scythe”) : ### $$$ : A smithy producing typical tools, but also makes swords, spears and medium armors (such as chain mail) quietly, despite not holding a license to do so. He charges more for such illicit goods (150% market price), but asks no questions, as long as the money is good. Andril’s wares are plain but serviceable, and worth the price, though he spends most of his time making boat and cargo hooks and fishing-related ironmongery for the local village. He is known as the strongest man in Fishtown, and makes drinking money by arm-wrestling visitors in the local tavern.


Ostler’s (“Beregond’s Honest Livery”) : ### $$$ : Beregond also rents out and sells good quality horses and carriages, though he has recently found his stock exhausted by demands in the city. Due to the quantity of goat herds in the local village, he often provides goats to the Sunset Market. Otherwise, some hardy Westlaws ponies are sometimes available, as are a few other livestock kept here before entering the city.


Seaman’s Guild : ### $$$ : One of the more popular chapters of the guild, the seamen who base from here come from many different and exotic ports from around Kethira.


Shipwright : ### $$$ : A small shipwright who caters to the local fishermen, producing the local “Lighters”, a small, swift boat popular with smugglers and fishermen. Paltier of Narn, a Drek from Dreadwaters March, and his dozen workers are always busy working on boat repairs, and even do net and sail repairs for a fee. They usually produce a new boat every month or so, some of which are bought by river traders from the Ambarin River Valley.

Village of Fishtown

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