Village of Stonecliff


The village of Stonecliff was a farmland of about a hundred acres, held by the Chalk clan. Farmed by several cottagers, it was perched on the northern edge of the Raven’s Ridge, and was notable for its position among the high bluffs, allowing sight of the surrounding woodlands for miles. The site was not, however, fortified in any other way, with the local manor having only a low palisade wall. The fields were located down on the valley floor to the north, hacked from the raw forest.

A small stone bridge crossed the Echo Stream about two (2) miles south-west, granting passage to nearby Mosswater, but a small trail also traveled south along the western side of Raven Ridge, eventually connecting with Wolfram Farm, about four (4) miles south.


Chalk Clan Crest

The local branch of the Chalk clan, was headed by a minor branch of that lowland clan of Ninnellen. The community was settled by Ealasaid Chalk, lured here in TR 912 with promises of land and security. The village and its inhabitants fell early during the troll raids into the district, in late-TR 1000.

Village of Stonecliff

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