Westlaws March - Rugged Frontier


Sometimes known as Westfall March, the Westlaws were once a breadbasket realm, but today is sparsely settled; attacks from troll bands and bandit activity among the Defiant has depleted the population over the years, though matters have begun to turn around with the recent generation. While there are some ruined villages still along its fringes, the realm has developed valuable silver and gemstone mines, engaged local hostile tribes in free trade, and opened a trade route into the Underdark, bringing that regions valuable products to market in Mornhaven, some days to the east. Slowly, the local militia and landed knights have ensured peace, while adventurers are content to carve their own futures and realms into the utter western lands beyond, near the Misty Crags, and the western Greensward.

The realm exports copper, tin, silver and gemstones, primarily the “elf-stone”, or peridot so loved by the people of the Kingdom of Imladris. Iron mines held by the western lowland clans also produce raw iron for the forges of Mornhaven. Locally, salt, pottery, herding sheep and auroch, fruit orchards and furs are produced in sufficient quantity to export goods east, as well. The Underdark connections in the capital bring in exotic spices and ales, rare gemstones and provides a market for much of the local produce as well.

Perhaps forgotten is the fact that the heart of the realm was the site of the infamous “Battle of the Great Burn”, wherein the usurpers of the Island of Purple Sails were exterminated by the local lowland Ninnellen tribes, and ushered in the start of Ninnellen culture as we understand it today. The remaining local clans are fiercely proud of their heritage and its site, now a fortress shrine dedicated to the Celestial Paladin, and is becoming a popular pilgrimage site for Ninn nobility.

Its ruler, Regent-Thane Charisma Pike holds an important position in the Royal Courts, and is likely to gain the title Royal Marshal of the province, should the actual heir of the realm be identified and come of age. For now, she has the support of the local military and most of its populace, and has worked hard to expand the realm’s influence and borders.

Towns : While there are many small villages and tower forts across the Westlaws, two important communities exist; Sentinel and Berryshore. Sentinel is the nominal capital of the March, a fortified trade town with an impressive fortress over-looking town and valley, boasting both a dark and a recently light history. This is where all trade in centered, before shipping east into the Ambarin Valley. Berryshore, a small lordship that is in dispute between both the Barony of Seaholme and the Westlaws for taxation and fealty. in the long-term, this will likely not matter, but for now, there is some hostility between the nobility of Mornhaven and their “country relatives” in the Westlaws. Berryshore is known for its tin mine and agricultural products, but the local winery in Northshire consistently makes a good wine that exports well beyond Mornhaven. In addition, its salted clams have become a delicacy among the wealthy and nobles alike of Mornhaven.

Westlaws March - Rugged Frontier

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