Wolfram Farm


A typical thirty-two acre farm owned by Tomas Wolfram, a bachelor farmer operating a land claim earned after his retirement from the Forest Kingdoms military. Located roughly five miles north-west of Thornkeep, the place is built along the eastern edge of the Gray Hills, snuggled deep in a small valley, and well-watered and protected from the western winds.

His brother, Ferghus lives on the farm with him, and is a former litigant, no longer in the business for an unknown reason. Both men were rumored to spend time with Coinneach “Old Man” Shadow, and often visited Green Dagger Farm. They are also rumored to maintain friendship with various hunters who travel through the region into the deeper Echo Wood.

The farm produces cabbages and wheat with its own grain mill/storage tower. They also keep chickens and goats, but earn a fair amount of their income through making charcoal from waste wood, rather than selling food to the town’s provisioners.

Wolfram Farm

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