Woodbristle Manor


Woodbristle Manor is a large swath of woodland carved open to allow for fairly wide-scale cultivation (for the region, anyways), located three miles south of Thornkeep along Dagger Road. Home to Master Divram Woodbristle and his extended family, the area consists of several small halfling burrows around the hill-top burrow of Woodbristle Manor itself. They raise crops, maintain a few livestock, and raise their famous mushrooms, all intended for the markets in Thornkeep.


To protect their homes from the robbers that frequent the area, Divram and his siblings have excavated an extensive series of burrows beneath a hillside, and carefully cultivated the forest’s Goblinbrambles to protect their homestead with a thorny palisade. To these formidable defenses, the Woodbristles have added a kennel full of the largest, meanest war dogs they could find. More than one gang of bandits has attempted to plunder the halfling homestead, only to be driven away in abject defeat.

Most recently, the Woodbristles drove off an attack by the Brambleclaws of Thornkeep. The Brambleclaws devised a plan to pin the halflings and their war dogs in the burrows, blocking the tunnel doors with bundles of burning sticks while they looted everything within the palisade. The plan didn’t work out, and a large number of goblins were slain – including the daughter of the Brambleclaw’s crone Kastya, who is now believed to be seeking Woodbristle blood in compensation. Reports claim she was recently slain by adventurers in a nearby ruin, however.

In particular, the seeming destruction of the goblins from the Pit of Chains has brought them a welcome respite this winter, having had to deal with only leaderless and scattered raids by hungry goblin bands who lacked organization and a stomach for a serious fight. Their spring herds look to be quite bountiful this year.


Woodbristle Blue Shrooms

The Woodbristles are a resourceful, tenacious clan of halflings known best for their abundant underground mushroom gardens and superior produce – which possess both exquisite taste and vaunted restorative properties. In addition to a full spectrum of vegetables; beans (10 sp per 40-lbs bushel), peas (10 sp per 40-lbs bushel), and vetches (8 sp per 40-lbs bushel), the extended clan raise rye (12 sp per 45-lbs bushel) and barley (10 sp per 40-lbs bushel) for trade. What little fodder they make, they use themselves to support their small herd of cattle, hogs and goats. They keep chickens for their eggs (4 sp per dozen), and have a large patch of “Woodbristle Pipeweed” (both “Bitterleaf” and “Coolleaf” varieties : 30 sp per 30-dose pouch) that they trade sparingly. They also keep bees for honey (24 sp per gallon).

Their mushrooms include nine varieties typical of the standard fare (12 sp per 30-lbs bushel), but the clan also raise their vaunted “Woodbristle Blue Shrooms” (5 gp per 30-lbs bushel), a sweet and spicy variety that has a flavoring similar to a smoked chili pepper. They are a valued product in the region, trading even as far as Mornhaven on occasion.

Woodbristle Manor

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