Thieves & Kings

Episode 54 - The House of Moon and Stars

“On a certain day, to uncertain parents, incarnate Moon and Star reborn.”

Episode 53 - Return to Mornhaven

“It is my belief, founded upon my experience, that the lowest and vilest alleys in Mornhaven do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside.”

25th of Nolus, TR 1050 : Ruins of Mosswater.

Synopsis : Travelling back to Green Dagger Farm and taking several of the rescued orphans as potential apprentices in the near future, the adventurers deal with some business in Thornkeep, including gathering a sack of Nightshade, though they are attacked by mysterious shadowy cyclops in that realm. After getting Brishtargera Greenbottle to begin brewing some anti-lycanthropy potions, the adventurers Teleport back to Mornhaven in an effort to resolve several unknwon questions.

They find the city talking almost exclusively about the recent appearance of Umbriel, the Shadow Isle, though rumors persist of dark activities still among the back alleys of the city; murders, powerful cults and the general weirdness of Mornhaven’s gangs. They make contact with Lalaith, who connects them with Nicalon Regal, someone quite knowledgable about House Saltruin, and could potentially lead them to the location of a relic key that might open the Banewarrens, possessed by that fallen noble house.

They journey east through Tiller, and after a scuffle with a pair of demon vultures and a strange soul-eating shadow creature, finally reach the ancient elvish mansion of House Saltruin, located on the edge of the northern Smoke Glens.




Episode 52 - Hidden Horns

“Morning and evening
Maids heard the goblins cry:
’Come buy our orchard fruits,
Come buy, come buy”.

Synopsis : The adventurers travel south through the wilds of the MapN’Dor, eventually reaching the ruins of Mosswater, where they encounter the mysterious female werewolf known only as Lady Lysiandre, and Do’Orn, the Baugle. He initiates them into the ritual to enter the Goblin Market, which is reached through the Law Rocks, two outcroppings that rise above the village, and have a mixed reputation, once forming the central gathering point for the local clan’s monthly moots.

Within the Goblin Market, the adventurers discover they don;t know how to get back, and with less than a few hours before sundown, they begin a search for the means to return home, while taking advantage of the Goblin Market’s rare items, strange personalities and other opportunities. Eventually they discover the ritual is kept in an ancient tome known as the Book of Taig Tell, and track down the former owner, another fey ogre named Skinmmeedle. He had sold the book to Brolog-Dur, and after thwarting an attempt on Skinmeedle’s life by a Drider, they travel to the giant’s castle nearby along another fey road, where they find it had been stolen by wererats living in the castle walls. The group parleys with the wererats, and trades for the book, eventually returning back to Mosswater before the sun sets.

Episode 51 - Bloodmoon Crag

“If being a werewolf is really a curse, you’ve got to treat it honorably. If werewolves are going to carry on, there has to be an incredibly powerful force. There is the business of the craving, the hunger for the kill. It has to be deeply pleasurable and more than an appetite for meat. There has to be a sensual dimension to it.”

Synopsis : After resolving the question of rulership in the MapN’Dor, the adventurers travel deep into the northern wilderness of the region, hunt down the mysterious Stonewalker clan of werewolves, and destroy them.


17th of Nolus, TR 1050 : Green Dagger Farm : The adventurers discuss the fallout of their failure at Timberstar, and Kahli asserts her position as the Princess of Thorns, but asks for ideas to resolve the situation. After a short discussion, the group decides to propose a demarcation of territories between the fey and the humans, marking Echo Cleft as the central “neutral zone”. They travel to Caer Dragonscorn and propose the topic to Baroness Neria Blackshield, who accepts in principle. Lachlan is slated to resolve the intricacies of the treaty over the next couple weeks, before a formal signing should take place. Ricochet is formally stripped of his status as a Yeoman, and must surrender his Yeoman’s Blade.


In private, Lady Ivis and Master Scales discuss the more immediate issues, and Ricochet is banned from entering the castle in a formal capacity, unless directly summoned. He and Ser Kranstin Shearwater are forbidden to meet each other until such time as the matter has cooled appropriately, or Rico apologizes formally to the former for his insults. The Lady is also infomred of the group’s intent to hunt Baron Tervin Blackshield, her husband, having located what they believe to be his lair.



After travelling for several days deep into the north-western stretches of the wilderness beyond Mosswater and Az-Vassa, the group reaches the far western edge of the Crucibles, due west of Droskar’s Crag, and uncover the lair of the werewolves at a promontory known as ’Bloodmoon Crag"; a large rocky rise, carved into the shape of a howling wolf’s head, and after scouting the lcoation, invade. Immediately alarming the locals, a long brawl ensues at the cave’s entrance between a large pack of werewolves, led by the Baron himself. The werewolves are defeated, but not without countless bites and damage being inflicted on the adventurers. During the fight, a curse, of sorts, associated with the [[:


Recovering both his signet ring, his head, and a number of young children that had been imprisoned within the caves, and forced to fight between themselves to prove who was strongest, the group also uncovers a strange wolf-headed statue of a woman with snake arms. The werewolves treasures, along with various sweet herbs and Fox Grapes vines were piled as offerings; there had been no blood sacrifices… but it reminds them vaguely of the image of the Morrighu. They camp and discuss the means required to bring the children back to civilization. It is also discovered that at least one or more werewolves were helpful towards the children, and may have escaped after freeing them.

Episode 50 - A Court of Thorns and Roses

“There are those who seek me a lifetime but never we meet,
And those I kiss but who trample me beneath ungrateful feet.

At times I seem to favor the clever and the fair,
But I bless all those who are brave enough to dare.

By large, my ministrations are soft-handed and sweet,
But scorned, I become a difficult beast to defeat.

For though each of my strikes lands a powerful blow,
When I kill, I do it slow… ”

12th of Nolus, Early Evening, Temple of the Stag


Synopsis : The group meets with the Green Man, and after a brief chat, invited him to the coming celebration, but he declines, promising to think about it. On the morrow, he leaves behind the Seed of Life, as a boon to remember him by. Taking the various scrolls of lore stashed in the back of the cave, along with the Lyre of Building, they send a message to gather the loyal members of the MapN’Dor along the secret Thrumwood paths of Echo Wood. They then teleport back to Green Dagger Farm, with Muckleglum the Hill Giant.

After several days of personal efforts and planning, the fey gathering commences, as the entire Court of Thorns and Roses gathers. Amid the splendor, many political maneuverings commence, with even Trellara “Nightshadow” arriving late as an observer for her Noraldai kin.

On the morrow, the group heads directly into Thornkeep, and present their plans to Baroness Neria Blackshield and gain the support of the town council in eliminating the goblin threat. Returning to Green Dagger they rally their forces, and prepare to leave at the dawn.

The arrival of the fey courtiers and their large army of fey and awakened beasts brings much consternation among the gathered militia. The force then moved swiftly into the Thieves’ Market, slaughtering every goblin they find, before moving off to the south-east and the Briarwarren. The Lyre makes short work of the castle’s defenses, before turning the fey host into the now-exposed goblin warrens beneath the brambles. The fey slaughter everyone they can find, and much to the horror of the assembled militia, seem to revel in it. The fey host is dismissed, while some of the new folk to the Court decide to immediately head back to their farms and homes.

The assembled militia surrounded the village of Timberstar, demanding their subjugation. Ambassador Ricard “Ricochet” Shearwater stepped in to explain the situation to the locals, brokers a possibly working peace, when he claimed the Princess of Thorns ruled this realm, and the Baroness Neria Blackshield served her. Ser Kranstin Shearwater boldly struck him aside the head, saying to “…meet upon the field…”, with Mor’Hyanda, the Black Blade urging him along.

The adventurers then returned to their various homes , late on the evening, hearing the rousing fellowship among the gathered local militia, thinking about the potential for war in the new realm…


Episode 49 - Forest Council

“Do not go to the elves for council for they will say both yes and no.”

Synopsis : Returning to Green Dagger Farm via The Elder Scroll, the adventurers caught up on the happenings in the region. They discover that Rhoswen the Ancient is intending to bring the region under her control, and engage in an expedition to the forgotten Temple of the Stag, in an effort to gather the help of The Green Man, an ancient and forgotten demigod. They also begin plans to assemble a host of loyal fey creatures to their banner.


9th of Nolus : The Adventurer’s Quarter, Mornhaven : Finishing their various tasks in the Adventurer’s Quarter, the adventurers gathered in Bresal’s shop in west Mornhaven, and then travelled to the nearby parkland to use one of the trees and teleport back to Green Dagger Farm through The Elder Scroll.


They arrived without incident, and began catching up with the locals following their absence.They spent a couple days involved in various personal activities. Kahli discovered she had more courtiers, this time in the form of an awakened rabbit, raccoon and mouse that served as her personal maid, butler and secretary, respectively. She also began overtures towards Shadowfang.Ricochet learned about the progress of the farm, and how the local huntsmen had begun to expand their territory. He also paid a visit to Tiressia, learning several important things about the activities of the fey in the adventurer’s absence. Sweet caught up with Shadowmist. Scales paid a visit to the Sootscale Caverns, and enjoyed his time with the little dragon creatures, retrieving some more live Abecean Longfin for more Potion of Healing. Bresal visited the Goldenfire Order Tower, and acquired some new spell scrolls and took the time to enscribe them in his spellbook.

Gathering again together, they discussed the fact that there was a new political figure in the local arena; Rhoswen the Ancient. Recognizing they had dealings with her and her minions in the past, it was made clear that she was making a move into taking over or otherwise influencing the local fey of the Marta-Tauri, with an inevitable agenda in removing the “… threat of humankind…” one way or another. it was decided to gather the fey folk together for a large celebration, and elicit some support from among them, both to counter Rhoswen’s machinations, and to use them to deal with the Briarwarren. During a trip into Thornkeep to acquire supplies, the group discovered the hidden meanings behind the strange warding symbol Tiressia had made during their meeting, she was marking the existence of The Green Man, a forgotten demigod (?) that lived in the northern stretch of the forests.

The group agreed that meeting with this creature and gathering his support would greatly assist them in their claims over the area, and using both a map Scales had previously acquired that likely led to the creature’s lair, as well as the instinctive abilities of Mikmek, they headed out into the northern forests.



Soon after entering the lands beyond the farms, closer towards Mosswater, they were greeted and attacked by a band of Fellnight Spriggans, claiming to be serving Rhoswen. Leading this band was Tartuk the Mite. After a brief skirmish, in which the Spriggans were slain, and Tartuk was believed to have escaped via his newest Giant Bat mount, the group continued to the Old Sycamore east of Sunstone.


At the old tree, they discovered Muckleglum the Hill Giant in residence, and after a brief discussion with him, the group decided to “hire” him for the coming conflict, and convinced him to follow them to the planned gathering of fey creatures at the Fallen Tower ruins. They camped there for the night.


The next day, they continued off into the northern wilds of Echo Wood, eventually being led to a mist-enshrouded rocky rise guarded by a thick wall of Goblin Brambles. Using Muckleglum’s long arms, they managed to smash a passage inside the rocky cave beyond, leaving him and Mikmek behind to keep watch. Within they discovered the forgotten Temple of the Stag, and were quickly attacked by a fell tree-like beast; the Stag Lord itself.



The fight was relatively quick, with the adventurers quickly slaying its summoned warg defenders, as well as using their new Mythic powers to good use. Almost everyone used fire in great quantities, which eventually destroyed the Stag Lord, and as the silvery mist began to clear, and peace once more filled the glade, an old gnomish head poked sleepily from within the caves beyond, exclaiming ’Ho there friends! What brings you to my home?". They had met the Green Man.

Interlude - Falling to Apotheosis

“Avatar of nothing! Empty thoughts, worthless virtues. Is this what thou dost seek…or do you desire the worship of thousands?”

Episode 48 - Darkness Falls

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Synopsis : The adventurers continue their battle with Mog-Lathar, the Petrified Spider, and eventually defeat it. Afterwards, they are overcome by a series of visions, depicting various historical beings of the region at the moment of their rising to mythic (demigod?) status. Each event is accompanied by the clangor of a deep, sonorous bell. They each see images of their own thoughts, feelings, desires and hopes, and are thrust back into the mortal world once more. Picking up their companions, the group staggers to leave the cult chamber as its floods, reaching the surface and informing their contact Magistrate Stanton Druid, before leaving to rendezvous at Bresal’s workshop to split the loot and plan for their next expedition, a return back to Thornkeep to resolve several unfinished matters.






Episode 47 - Webs of the Spider God

“To betray, you must first belong.”

Synopsis : A tale in which the adventurers continue to explore Mariposa Manor. Amidst various odd dream-like sightings and occurances, and dispatching a clutch of strange acid-blooded monsters, the adventurers dismantle the Shiver distillery. The adventurers follow a great iron elevator into the depths of the earth under Mornhaven, finding it leads to a hidden shrine dedicated to an unknown spider god. Hundreds of cultists had taken refuge in this chamber, and a great melee ensues with several of the most powerful cultists, including a mob of dedicated thugs, and eventually the great spider god himself, Mog-Lathar, the Petrified Spider. And all the while, the prostrate and drugged cultists mutter its name, and pray for deliverance…


8th of Nolus, TR 1050, Late Evening, Mariposa Manor, the Adventurer’s Quarter, Mornhaven :







Episode 46 - The House on North Tower Street

“Dreams are as simple or as complex as their dreamers.”

Synopsis : A tale in which the adventurers continue investigating the Shiver trade, and enter a hidden passage within the northern city wall itself. This leads through a trapped and spider-infested region, eventually exiting into a building used by a group of fanatic cultists. Summoning a giant elk spirit to open the front portcullis, the adventurers rapidly storm the place, led by an impulsive Ricochet, quickly dispatching numerous small bands of cultists, but become stalled when they encounter a spider woman and its larger, adult phase spider minions.

Scattered across the manor, the adventurers lose the bravado of their initial assault, and Scales is isolated and knocked unconscious by two of the spiders. Meanwhile, the adventurers discover the site to be one of the abandoned manors along the northern city wall, and both Sweet and Kahli find the place to be built around an ancient temple dedicated to a strange goddess symbolized by a purple butterfly; something none present have heard of before. Numerous strange events begin to haunt the adventurers as they explore the manor. Kahli triggers something in one of the outer rooms, and is attacked by a flowing air elemental, that speaks to them in the hauntingly familiar voice they encountered deep under the city in the The Labyrinth of Ghouls some days ago. The group collectively defeats it, but the Voice taunts them as they do so, promising “…I can see you all now…”.

Eventually, they uncover what they believe to be the alchemical room being used to brew Shiver, but Bresal is poisoned with Shiver upon investigating the room, and begins to have a lucid dream in which he sees the local manor in a different state than what the rest see. A beautiful dream-like place, he is attacked by four small children “ghosts” that only he can see in the temple, but is brought out of the lucid dream by Kahli. The group also find a side room holding several people, some are dead and have ash-gray countenances, but others are wound in webbing and affected by the dream-state like Bresal was. One corner is set-up like a shrine with an old tapestry of a handsome young man as its centerpiece. They pull these people out of the room, retrieve the tapestry, and gather to discuss what they should do next…


8th of Nolus, TR 1050, Late Evening, the Adventurer’s Quarter, Mornhaven :

















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