Brishtargera Greenbottle

Thornkeep's Alchemist


Brishtargera Greenbottle is a talented, but self-absorbed gnome alchemist who operates a small alchemy shop in Thornkeep. Known as “Brishta” to her friends, she is highly intelligent, and is all too aware of her own cleverness. Imperious, condescending, vain, and pedantic as her moods drive her, she can prove to be difficult to like. She does, however, appreciate other intelligent beings, and delights in academic discussions and talk about alchemy.

In addition to her skills as an alchemist and potion-maker, brewing her own version of a Potion of Healing, known as “Brambleberry Potions”, selling for the traditional 500 sp per flask, she sells more common herbs (6 sp per vial), and has rarer components available as they come to her attention. She is not a wizard, but has a great deal of alchemical lore that most divine and arcane casters lack, including a handful of uncommon potion recipes and other more common cures and ailments.



Brishtargera Greenbottle is young as gnomes go, and established her business here to cover a noted lack, when the franchise came available through her guild. She stays out of most politics, and rarely leaves her shop unless doing business with the local huntsmen about ingredients, or otherwise resupplying her larders. .She is known to grudgingly visit households to provide basic physician’s services when requested, though it is not her primary skill set.

She is also known to visit with Farakin Thumbwhistle on lonely nights, where they discuss lore and other scholarly matters as fellow gnomes.

Brishtargera Greenbottle

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