Chief Sootscale

Kobold Chief of the Sootscales


Chief Sootscale is a prime example of his people, noteworthy for his ash-black scales and fierce eyes. Not greedy, he is a paragon of kobold virtues, and sees the well-being of his people as the overwhelming purpose for all his efforts.

Sootscale is a typical kobold. Kobolds are aggressive and inward-looking, yet clever and industrious small humanoid creatures. They are noted for their skill at building traps and preparing ambushes, and in mining the earth. As a people, they are also capable of heroic efforts of self-sacrifice, usually for the greater good of their tribe. Kobolds are distantly related to dragons, a fact they are exceedingly proud of and are often found serving these creatures as minions.

Sootscale knows big people mean trouble, but he also knows that there are some who can help his people reach their own goals. “Shadow Man” was one such. The Shadow Man taught his people about how to harvest wild Wolf Berries and Nightscale Roots; fruits and vegetables that have sustained his folk when other tribes might have gone hungry. He taught them his language, and promised that others would come after him to save them from a great corrupting influence, and bring them great glory, as was their due.

Two of their younger number, Nakpik and Kerzak, received some advanced training from Master “Scales”, and have been returned to their tribe to spread their knowledge among their kin. The pair also brought with them a pair of rust monsters, named Frisky and Skuttle, to use in their upper defenses. Rumors persist they are trying to breed them for more of the beasts to use in their upper tunnel defenses.



The Sootscale clan, are a small tribe of kobolds who have managed to develop something of an affinity among the deeper woodlands of Echo Wood. Primarily living in their underground caves, they rarely travel in the surface lands, and so do not generally interact with the forest’s denizens. Recent events, however, have challenged this perspective, the most noteworthy event being their encounter with the adventurers, and their actions which freed them from the influence of a disguised agent of Kurse.

The tribe numbers perhaps two or three dozen individuals, and have dwelt in their present caves for several generations, but traditions regarding their origins are lost. The scales of the tribe are universally dark grey or soot-black, and the members are noted to be fond of swimming and keep a small fishery deep in their tunnels. The tribe also keeps traditional small mushroom farms and makes a passable, if crude, pottery to store their crops and goods in, but the gathering of wild Wolf Berries and Nightscale Roots has improved their diets appreciably. They also mine a small amount of gold, usually as a byproduct of their constant excavations of their deep tunnel complex.

The tribe’s symbol is a simple shield, covered in black scales, and traditionally made from scraps of hard-boiled leather. The tribe claims its descent from the ancient black dragon Otar, the ancient first black dragon of myth.

Over the past few months, the tribe has stayed quiet, rarely venturing forth from their lair, as the winter snows have piled high upon the ground above. Though wary, they have been quietly conducting deeper mining efforts, especially with their desires to stay warm and safe under the earth. Their tribe, though weak, has survived efforts to eliminate them, and they intend to stay quiet and rebuild from their losses.

Chief Sootscale

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