Master Farakin Thumbwhistle

Thornkeep's Litigant


An elderly gnome, Master Farakin Thumbwhistle is the resident lexigrapher in Thornkeep. He established himself as a parchment maker and bookbinder, having abandoned his shop in Mosswater some fifty years ago, during the height of the troll raids that eventually brought ruin to both town and realm.

His present shop sells parchment (2 sp per sheet), fine vellum (4 sp per sheet), iron-quills (2 sp), ink (5 sp per vial – sufficient for writing a scroll), and blank parchment scrolls (24 pages : 50 sp). Blank, leather-bound vellum books (100 pages : 500 sp) can be made to order, and he usually has a selection of collected books, maps, and scrolls for sale. A scholar and collector of lore, Master Farakin usually keeps one or two well-researched treasure maps at his disposal, and is willing to pay for tales of adventurers while they explored the wilds, often to verify questions he has about them or other research.



One of the few survivors of the troll raids that eliminated the community and barony of Mosswater, Farakin rarely speaks of the events surrounding the destruction of that community. Over the last decades, he has become increasingly insular and keeps much to himself, but his position as a loremaster means that adventurers often intrude in his semi-retirement for information about what he might know of the region and its history.

Master Thumbwhsitle is a member of the Baron’s Council, and holds a position of some respect, as he is very knowledgeable on matters of local history and land claims. He is known to spend many cold nights visiting with Brishtargera Greenbottle, and is one of her few friends. It is rumored he is a minor wizard.

Following the events of the Night of Teeth, Farakin has largely kept to himself, but has often visited the castle at the behest of the Blackshields. With the spring, and the lessening of the threat invasion by northern trolls and their army, he has gone back to working on local maps, including a fairly comprehensive one he is assembling of the Realm of the MapN’Dor.

Master Farakin Thumbwhistle

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