Pixie Leader


Fiddlebow is the leader of a band of six (6) pixies that dwell some miles from Az-Vassa.

Fiddlebow is a blonde, 1’-tall fey-appearing creature, wearing the stitched-together leaves of ferns and other plants. She is as inquisitive and capricious as many of her kind, and takes as much pride in her appearance as she does her name.

Some would say she is a typical pixie of her species, and Fiddlebow is known for her tiny bow and the music she makes with it on tree branches and icicles. She is known to abhor violence, and her band keeps well out of any conflict or combat, although once their anger is roused against openly evil or cruel creatures, they are known to unleash the full fury of their considerable magic.


Having fled to the forest north of Mosswater, near to the ruins of the nearby valley under Droskar’s Crag, she and her kin have taken it upon themselves to replace the trees and other plants of that devastated ruin. Obviously a task for a lifetime, they have set about fulfilling it.

In mid-Kelen, TR 1050, she and her companions were summoned to the ruins of Az-Vassa, with the powers of The Elder Scroll, for the purpose of making the outer ruins a better place to stay the night. She and her kin pledged their fealty to the Wyldfae Court, and were dispelled following their work with Druidcraft.


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