Golias Woodhew

Patriarch of the Woodhew Clan


“Old Man” Golias Woodhew, cousin and patriarch to several other members of the numerous and popular Woodhew clan of the City of Bright Sails. He is a retired merchant, having made his personal fortune in shipping and trading twenty years ago, and spends his time hunting and flying his falcons, sometimes in the company of the animal trainer, Arnas Shake.

Golias’ second wife, Maggs, and his six “respectable” children live in the family’s substantial residence, a massive white and pink-veined marble structure, over three (3) stories high. It is well-known for its heavy iron-work, gilded and baring the Woodhew clan crest on every facing, thick glass windows, and heavy iron locks. His eldest son Rance runs the family trade interests, and is known to occasionally finance expeditions into unknown territories by trustworthy and proven ventures (including small adventurer bands). Siordan, his second son, is a noted scholar and litigant, who studies such esoteric subjects as geology. He mostly, consults on trade law. Giffiord, the third son, is a good ostler, who looks after the stables and livestock of the clan.

Ricard, the youngest son, is a known rake and a wastrel, often found in the company of elegant and disreputable gamblers, such as his friend, Yohann, who is often seen in the company of Arlietta Woodhew, a cousin of the Woodhew clan. The oldest Woodhew daughter, Gwenth married an adventurer many years ago, and is effectively a widow, as she awaits his return. The youngest Woodhew daughter, is Tessa, a charming young child, who is still mostly closeted from society and who has never been officially introduced to the town’s society.

Famerva, the companion of the Woodhew daughters, is a lovely dark and sultry girl of Hepekerian descent. Certain rumors place the girl as Golias mistress, but if true, she is incredibly discreet.



The Woodhew clan bases its prosperity on trade, but was originally involved in the timber industry, hence its name and clan crest. They sit high in the common folk’s reckoning of political power, and have an interesting influence over local aspects of the Mangai. Integral to this position, is their constant feud with the Magnum clan, which often results in knife-fights in the street late at night when their various work groups meet while carousing.

Targon the Miller, Markham the Moneylender and Lothgrim the Ship-Master are the brothers of Golias, and add greatly to the clan’s political position and wealth, though they follow much of their own agenda in day-today tasks. Most see the clan as a lowland Ninnellen clan, that follows few of the ancient traditions of the hill and forest clans.

Golias Woodhew

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