Master Divram Woodbristle

Master of Woodbristle Manor


Master Divram Woodbristle, is the leader of an extended family of halflings who operate the large farmlands of Woodbristle Manor. The clan is famous for their mushrooms and wide variety of other produce, but is also well-known for being constantly harassed by goblins out of the Pit of Chains. They have developed their defenses to a fine art, and have built thorny palisades of Goblin Brambles all about their lands, and employ a large kennel of the largest, meanest war hounds in the forest. Their farmers always go about armed, and in small bands to and from their fields, and are often easily spotted in Thornkeep for being small well-armed militia bands wherever they might travel. Pick on one Woodbristle, and you will need to deal with all of them.

The Woodbristles are a resourceful, tenacious clan of halflings known best for their abundant underground mushroom gardens and superior produce – which possess both exquisite taste and vaunted restorative properties. In addition to a full spectrum of vegetables; beans (10 sp per 40-lbs bushel), peas (10 sp per 40-lbs bushel), and vetches (8 sp per 40-lbs bushel), the extended clan raise rye (12 sp per 45-lbs bushel) and barley (10 sp per 40-lbs bushel). What little fodder they make, they use themselves to support their small herd of cattle, hogs and goats. They keep chickens for their eggs (4 sp per dozen), and have a large patch of “Woodbristle Pipeweed” (both “Bitterleaf” and “Coolleaf” varieties : 30 sp per 30-dose pouch) that they trade sparingly. They also keep bees for honey (24 sp per gallon).

Their mushrooms include nine varieties typical of the standard fare (12 sp per 30-lbs bushel), but the clan also raise their vaunted “Woodbristle Blue Shrooms” (5 gp per 30-lbs bushel), a sweet and spicy variety that has a flavoring similar to a smoked chili pepper. They are a valued product in the region, trading even as far as Mornhaven on occasion.



Resourceful and tenacious, the halflings of the Woodbristle clan are closely-knit and deal almost exclusively with Mistress Nessa Greenfoot as their provisioner of choice, because she offers the best prices. They have few other ties with the community at large, though the name “Woodbristle” attached to any of their produce almost guarantees a sale.

The sudden disappearance of organized attacks from the Pit of Chains against the manor over the winter, beyond scattered small bands of hungry goblins was a welcome relief. Their herds have done especially well, compared to past years, and they are looking towards an especially fruitful year in TR 1050.

Master Divram Woodbristle

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