Mistress Galswinth Jerkin


A legal Master of the Merchant’s Guild, Mistress Galsworth Jerkin holds the franchise rights for maintaining the market known as the Curio Court.

A pleasant, attractive, middle-aged woman with short blonde hair, Mistress Jerkin always dresses smartly and carries a sheaf of parchment and charcoal sticks with her wherever she goes. She greets everyone she meets and every situation with a smile and a very optimistic attitude. She has a large staff of litigants and merchant journeymen on hand, who tax everyone at the market daily, and cover supply shipments to the various vendors. Some have begun referring to her and her staff as the “Delver’s Union of Mornhaven”.


The Delver’s Union Sigil

In addition to taking care of her vendors, Mistress Jerkin operates a tavern of sorts, offering light refreshments and simple fare, and sometimes getting adventurers in contact with the appropriate patron. The hall, known as the Delver’s Hall, is a popular place for adventurers to spend a few hours between forays into the underdark, and has become known as a place to hire mercenaries to add a few swords to your roster before another trip into the dark below the city. Adventurers also post bills to announce their availability and location in the city above, or groups looking for a specific skill or person.



Originally a Journeyman merchant from the City-State of Serelind, Mistress Jerkin moved to Mornhaven for the opportunity to become a full-ranked master, and seized upon the franchise offered by the wholly illegal market known today as Curio Court.

Within a few years, she had expanded her services to appeal to adventurers in the city, and made a name for herself in the offer of safe rest and supplies to adventurers delving into the nearby dungeons and caves under Mornhaven, that snake into the depths known as the Deep Way.

Today, she quietly offers her protection and services to the merchants of the Curio Court, and brings peace to a section of the deepest dungeons under the largest city of the Forest Kingdom. Some may question her morals, but she does her job well.

Mistress Galswinth Jerkin

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