Muckleglum the Hill Giant

Hill Giant Pariah


Large Giant, Neutral

Armor Class : 13 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points : 80 (8d12+32)
Speed : 40’

STR 21 (+5), DEX 12 (+1), CON 18 (+4), INT 7 (-2), WIS 9 (-1), CHR 9 (-1).

Skills : Perception (+3).
Senses : Darkvision 60’, Passive Perception 9.
Languages : Giant.
Challenge : 3 (1200 XP)

Long Arms : Muckleglum’s extended arms allow him to unexpectedly lash out at unwary foes. As a bonus action, Muckleglum effectively adds 5’ to his reach until his next turn. In most cases this gives him a reach of 10’ with any following melee attacks or attacks of opportunity.


Multiattack : Muckleglum makes two greatclub attacks.

Greatclub : Melee Weapon Attack : +8 to hit, reach 5’, one target.
Hit : 13 (2d8+5) bludgeoning damage.

Rock : Ranged Weapon Attack : +8 to hit, range 60’/240’, one target.
Hit : 16 (2d10+5) bludgeoning damage.


“He looked like a thing broken loose from a bedtime story, something unreal … The giant watched her from above with a bizarre contemplation, his head tilted acrook, as if he’d snared some exquisite fairy from a storybook tale his own.”

Muckleglum is a 9’-tall hill giant, which is small as hill giants go. With most of his red hair missing, and a slack jaw stained with years of drinking fermented Wolf Berries, at first glance, he appears quite stupid. He wears blue suspender trousers and little else beyond a collection of bags, and a necklace of humanoid skulls. He carries a very large bundle of smoothed logs wrapped together with rawhide in his right hand, and bears a large leather sack slung over his shoulder. He is barefoot. He is often heard humming to himself with a simple cadence; “…DUM de DUM de DUM de DUM…”.

Muckleglum has both a superior DEX (12) and INT (7) for his race, and lived as a nomad in the hills north of Thornkeep, near Cold Springs. He is a friendly sort who rather enjoys the company of lumbermen when he hears them singing, but he always scares them away with his blundering and lack of speaking the Common language. He has begun to achieve a local reputation as “… that dumb hulk…” among the other giant creatures (ogres and trolls), since no one has the ability to directly stand up to his “bullying”.

In addition to a fairly typical “giant’s bag”, Muckleglum also possesses a Cauldron of Plenty, which has gone a long way towards keeping him fed and in relatively good spirits, and promoting his better view on life than most of his ilk.


Always something of an outcast among his kind, both for his size and somewhat more generous perspective on life, his own tribe of hill giants treated him as a pariah. The entire clan was slaughtered the spring of TR 1049, back in the Ravensgaarde Republic, and so he wandered west, hoping to find a new life in the forests. He has yet to claim a lair, but recent problems have also made this difficult.

Muckleglum spends his days wandering the landscape looking for wolf berries to brew his favorite drink, hunting for game, and seeking a mate. Unfortunately, he has found few wolf berries, his singing tends to scare away prey, and there are no female hill giants in the area. Recently, he attempted to join the local troll gang, but was chased away by them.

When met by adventurers the first time, he was approached by the adventurers without hostility, and seemed like a rather pitiful creature, in the fit of despair. The adventurers convinced him to move on, escorting him to the Sleeping Sycamore, and encouraging him to travel north to find a home amidst the Crucibles, the rugged hills that divide Echo Wood from the wilderness regions of the Hinterlands, further north. It is assumed he has headed into this territory, to find a lair, a mate and some of the elusive wolf-berries.

In mid-Nolus, 1050, he was encountered at the Sleeping Sycamore, having converted the hollow beneath it into a lair of sorts. He was convinced to accompany the adventurers on their journey, with the intent to use him in the coming fight against the Briarwarren, but also to keep him from the reach of Rhoswen the Ancient. He proved instrumental in passing the barrier protecting the Temple of the Stag, and was a powerful ally during the battle against the goblins of the Briarwarren.


Hill Giants

Hill giants tend to be selfish, dim-witted brutes that hunt, forage and raid in a constant search for food. They tend to blunder through hill country and forests, devouring whatever they can, often bullying smaller creatures into feeding them. Their laziness and dullness would long ago have doomed them, if not for their large size and formidable strength.

Primitive : Hill giants tend to dwell in hill and mountain valleys across the world, congregating in rough timber “steadings”, or loose collections of well-defended crude huts, much like primitive human tribes. Their skin is tanned from lumbering about the regions near their lairs and dozing in the fields near their sources of food. Their weapons tend towards simple torn-up trees and rocks pulled from the earth. They reek of the crudely-prepared animal skins they wear, poorly stitched together with rough rawhide thongs.

Bigger Means Better : In the giant’s world, humanoids and animals are easy prey to be hunted with impunity. Dragons and other giants are tougher opponents, and respected for their size and formidable power. Hill giants thus equate power with size.

Hill giants do not recognize the traditional “ordning” of their kind, knowing only that the larger, more powerful giants deserve their respect, because they are taller and larger. Hill giant chiefs tend to be the tallest and largest in the tribe, and only rarely do cunning hill giants achieve power, cleverly subverting the natural order of their kind.

Voracious Eaters : With nothing to occupy them, hill giants will occupy their time with eating. Usually hunting alone, or with a dire wolf companion, hill giants try to remain solitary so as to keep what they hunt for themselves, and do not share with the tribe. They will eat anything not obviously dangerous, including known poisonous items, but rotting carcasses and other vegetation are often savored.

Farmers obviously fear a hill giant; while a predator might take a few sheep and vanish for a season, a hill giant will descend on a farm and consume an entire herd in one sitting, moving on to other animals and stock, and then the grain and vegetables in the fields. If the farmers remain, they too might become food.

Stupid and Deadly : The hill giants ability to digest nearly anything, makes them capable of survival, eating and breeding in the hills like savage animals and only occasionally coming into conflict with their more civilized neighbors, when they develop into a sizable community in need of expansion. They have never needed to adapt, and so remain simple in their views and technology, with few complex emotions.

They have developed a culture that apes that of primitive humans, having learned about their fortifications, houses and steadings, and copied them successfully. In conversation, they tend to be blunt and direct, with little concept of deception. Reasoning with a common hill giant is futile, although clever creatures can convince them to seek actions that benefit themselves.

Raging Bullies : If a hill giant feels himself deceived, insulted or made into a fool, they will vent their anger at anything around them. Even after smashing the offensive creatures to bits, they will continue to rage until they grow tired or hungry.

Hill giants who aspire to rulership, often take over nearby humanoid settlements, and rule strictly by terror and tyranny. Its decisions shift with its moods, often forgetting its previous decisions, and sometimes eating its subjects when it grows hungry. Very few last very long, often destroying the communities they seek to rule and then moving on once they have eaten everything and everyone.

Muckleglum the Hill Giant

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