Mother Nanns Iceclaws

Frost Hag


Known as a Winter Hag, or a Blue Hag, “Mother” Nanns Iceclaws was a terror to encounter. She seemed to live for the pleasure of bringing icy doom to as many people as possible, and with her trollish minions, was quite capable of doing so.

Mother Nanns was believed to be the real brains behind King Hargulka, and the real force to be reckoned with among his army. Chief among her relics, were Iceclaw and Nann’s Bone Ring. The Heartripper Blade was also recovered from her personal effects.


Little is known to the adventurers regarding “Mother Nanns”, beyond her mastery over ice magicks and abilities to turn invisible and see through magical darkness, marking her as one of the most powerful hags they’ve ever encountered. Given her powers, she seems less like a normal hag, and more like… something else.

She was slain during the TR 1050 winter raid of the adventurers on her and her minion’s lair in Az-Vassa. When slain, she burst into an icy skeletal form and shattered across her staff, Iceclaw.

Mother Nanns Iceclaws

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