Regent-Thane Charisma Pike

Ruler of the Westlaws, Former Adventurer


Regent-Thane Charisma Pike was born to free farmer parents, in the Barony of Archenshield, northern province of the Principality of Shem, and quickly aspired to becoming an adventurer with her Shearing. After several years learning warcraft in her province’s militia, she began adventuring, and eventually formed a small band that went from holding to holding dealing with bandits and small goblin incursions.

In TR 1043, after service to the local Thane, she managed to retrieve the blade of that realm’s rulership from a slaver’s stronghold in the western wilderness, and claimed the regency of the realm, until the former Thane’s acknowledged son was of age to rule in her stead. Over the following years, she has managed to hold the lordship together and even increased trade with the elves of Imladris and several isolated Drow and dwarven realms in the Underdark.

At present, she is rumored to be organizing a push of her influence further west into the eaves of the Misty Crags, and the small dwarven Kingdom of Greysmere rumored to be struggling against a larger united kingdom of orcs that are trying to eradicate that realm. She maintains constant trade ties with Mornhaven, bringing valuable silver and iron ores, rare liquors and electrum coinage to that city.

Charisma is assertive, bright and competitive, given to using every resource at her disposal to get her way. While she initially acted in a purely self-motivated manner, she has since begun to view her actions as helping the people under her protection, and has even been rumored to have built an impressive intelligence network and to secretly work for The Realm as its western leader.

She is a tall, auburn-haired beauty of striking composure and bears herself in court as she does on the field; she attacks problems head-on, and continues doggedly onwards using every skill and trick at her disposal, until she has resolved the issue to her benefit. If ever met at court or on the battlefield, she is a force to be reckoned with.



Angian, “Blade of the Westlaws”

A former adventurer, Charisma Pike has become the Regent-Thane of the Westlaws March, by virtue of her recovering the relic sword of that land’s rulers, Angian. She has managed to bring prosperity to the realm in only a few short years, having fought-off several invasions and assassination attempts in the process. Loved by many, hated by few, she is rumored to be high in Princess Adrianna Warduke’s line of councilors and personal friends.

Court rumor says she is involved with one of Princess Adrianna’s own brothers, likely the youngest, Lord Valen Warduke, who has called at Sentinel on several occasions. All the local guards claim she has maintained her skills with horse, blade and bow, and remains a formidable opponent.

Regent-Thane Charisma Pike

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