Lady Shankira Silvershard

Former Adventurer. Assassin. Keeper. Godmaker.


“The essence of balance is detachment. To embrace a cause, to grow fond or spiteful, is to lose one’s balance, after which, no action can be trusted. Our burden is not for the dependent of spirit.” – Lady Shankira, “Of The Keepers”

Daughter of Rand Silvershard, the Arch-Druid of the Principality of Shem and his consort, Miore, an ancient witch who was once a mistress of the infamous Mondain Blackcloak, a wizard of the Amber Mages cult. Bramblewood, a highly fertile landhold about two days ride west of Seville, the City of Greenwalls, is directly held by the Silvershards, and is one of the chief suppliers of grain and fruit to the capital. Both her parents are common fixtures at court, and their opinions regarding farming and magic are highly sought by adventurers.

A powerful sorceress and bard, Shankira was raised to be a noblewoman of position and standing, but has developed into a source of great fear and mysterious activity in the shadows of the Shemite state. Known to associate with “The Keepers”, a sect of pseudo-religious followers of Magos, the Gray Voyager, she is known to have risen high in their cult and controls a vast network of spies, informants and other agents.

Known to favor thunder and lightning spells, “Kira” is given to many luxuries and shows her origins as a powerful nobleman’s daughter, with a taste for the finer things in life. She is, however, a veteran adventurer, and can do without in need. Nonetheless, she is often seen wearing fine silk gowns, and immaculately dressed “to kill”, her wands and ancient tomes at the ready.


Kira’s personal symbol has been noted as a stylized silver rose, and in sage’s circles, she and her direct followers are known as “The Circle of the Silver Rose”, with herself as “The Silver Rose”.


Beginning her life as a pampered nobleman’s daughter, Shankira Silvershard was the product of an unexpected union; her father and mother both simultaneously cast “Charm Person” on each other when they first met, and nine months later, she was born. She led a typical life, learning from her mother’s knee the ancient arts of the Shek-Pvar, and how to defend herself from her father’s retainers.

Kidnapped by the Cult of the Bronze Bolt while returning from a trip abroad to Katarre, and rescued from her ogre captor, she joined her rescuers and promptly fell into a life of travel, adventure and spell-making. During this time, it is said she fell in love with a northern barbarian lord, but accidentally slew his wife and young son in a jealous rage. She returned from her northern journeys beyond the Hordelands a changed woman, and often left the Prime Planes for solo journeys into forgotten realms in the Outer Planes.

Of late, she is above the common activities of the royal courts, though she was known to visit her parents on occasion, and had highly divergent views from her father on philosophy, theology and the place of the gods in mortal matters. Their discussions were always “civil”, but they have never agreed on these topics, and likely never will.


Kira is known to have a lover, the matron of the Amberlore Manor, a small magic school located two day’s ride south-west of Seville. Erihn “Brighteyes” Despana is a stunning drow woman of great strength and magical abilities herself, noted and named for her bright blue eyes. An outcast from her people, she met Kira during their travels, and settled into the position of matron of the school easily. It is rumored that her adamantine mechanical right arm is powered by the soul of a fallen paladin, and that part of her somewhat unusual attitude is because of its influence. She remains fairly isolated from Seville’s politics, but has been seen at court on occasion, as she is technically a lord of the royal demesne.

Lady Shankira Silvershard

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