Sulli Hurler

Dream Survivor


“Little” Sulli Hurler is a “Dreamfever Survivor”, and the catalyst that propelled the adventurers into resolving their concerns over the Dreamfever. A young girl of nearly ten years of age, she is meek and quiet, whose eyes betray an intelligence far beyond her years, likely expressed through several bad experiences in her short life. She has developed a phobia regarding sleeping alone and the dark, and was never separated from her ratty stuffed owlbear doll, “Feathers”, though she has since destroyed the old thing.

The Hurler clanhead is the widowed sheep herder, Harquay “Hark” Hurler, who lives in Thornkeep.



Born in TR 1040 to Ulstan and Doireann Hurler, “Little” Sulli Hurler along with her mother, are the two surviving members of their immediate family. She is the last of four daughters of the family, and most recently survived the dreaded Dreamfever. On the night of the 16th of Savor, TR 1049, her father and two aunts died in a vicious attack by a pack of wolves, believed to be Gorian’s Pack, and with her mother barely managed to escape their shack and drag little Sulli to the only place she knew was safe; Green Dagger Farm.

Today, her mother Doireann serves the adventurers in taking care of the mothalla inhabitants as cook, and has greatly improved the meals for those who live there. Sulli is often seen playing quietly with the farm’s children, especially during cold afternoons and evenings, when many of the farmers take their afternoon or early evening meals at the mothalla, lending a comfortable atmosphere to the site. Both Dame Kahli of Whiterock and Roland “Scales” Bywater have made efforts to work with her and try to bring her out of her shell, seeing some success.

The events of the attack on Green Dagger Hall, on the morning of the 7th of Echos, TR 1049 seem to have affected her greatly, with her and her mother reliving the fateful events from the weeks prior to the Night of Teeth, when her father was slain by what most believe were Gorian’s Pack. She has since thrown away and burned her stuffed owlbear “Feathers”, and spends most of her time in the hall staring at the door, clutching her blanket.

Prior to the other odd events of the 30th of Echos, TR 1049, Scales discovered Sulli was under the influence of a long-term Charm spell of some sort, and broke it with his magic. He believes she was being influenced by Blackmaw the Night Hag, who may have been responsible for the deaths of her family as a part of her long-range plotting. Broken of this charm, she is presently much friendlier and seemingly happier than before, but the exact place Sulli has in the plans of Blackmaw remain unknown.

Sulli Hurler

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