Sword Brother Eldrast

Priest of Sarrok


Sword Brother Eldrast is a dwarven priest of Sarrok, the Gray Slayer. He made the effort to travel to Thornkeep back in TR 1048, repairing and taking control of the large shrine to the Foehammer, and attempting to convert the local bandits and mercenaries to the ways of the god of battle. A grizzled veteran of numerous wars, he reminds one more of a mercenary than a priest, and his scars and language hint at having spent many a year in the war camps of northern Shem. He is however, notably poor, though his weapons and armor are well-maintained, if dated.

He brought with him his personal servant, Murfric, an old, stooped devotee of Sarrok, and the young Acolyte Taronnel, who is learning the tenets of the faith from the veteran warrior-priest. Sword Brother Eldrast is, however, a poor mentor, spending much of his time around the taverns in town, preaching the traditions of his faith of bold action and honorable battle to the bandits and mercenaries who frequent the sites. They tolerate his efforts, because he is still a stout hand in a fight, and is known to buy drinks for those that pay attention to his words.

Sword Brother Eldrast dwells in a small series of rooms in the back of the shrine, and is also known to willingly heal injured parties who seek his aid, for a customary donation to the shrine and the story of the fights that inflicted the wounds. He is known to demand far less than most typical priests (typically 50 sp per casting), if the battle was suitably heroic. To devoted members of the faith, he is very welcoming, often engaging them in the worship of an exchange of blades, and freely shares his blessings if they accompany him in his rituals of patrolling the graveyard to offer proper rights to the fallen, and supporting his other efforts in the community, even mundane tasks such as weeding and watering the temple’s fields or gardens.

Brother Eldrast is known to possess a handful of relics, particularly developed for the use of fighting the undead. He is willing to make them available to the adventurers, having seen they intend to do good in the community. He has also admitted he is looking for vials of acid, as it seems the only thing that has lasting effect against the disease he`s been clearing, Demon`s Bile.

3 Vials of Antitoxin (400 sp).
Healer’s Kit (50 sp).
3 Flasks of Holy Water (200 sp).



Sword Brother Eldrast doesn’t talk about his past, however, he is a dwarf who worships a human aspect of the god of battle, so he has a past of some interest. Whatever his reasons, he wears the brown clothing and robes of a lower member of his sect (probably a simple priest), and spends more of his time drinking and carousing, than training his acolyte in religious lore, though he has not skimped on her martial training.

Eldrast took control of the old shrine in Thornkeep, called The Shrine of Battle in TR 1048, and has made some repairs and maintains it well enough, though it is still quite run-down and in need of many improvements. He keeps a series of rooms in the back of the shrine for himself and his followers, offering spare bunks to noted followers of the Foehammer, provided they serve the shrine in some capacity. They also keep a small kitchen garden with vegetables and various common healing herbs, and have planted a few small apple, cherry and nut trees that might, in time, provide more than shade.

Most of his limited funds, however, are tied up in supporting his preaching efforts in the local taverns, and the place is chronically short of income. It has a small attached ten-acre glebe, but has not been intensively farmed, as most of this year was spent clearing the land and readying the kitchen garden. Next year, he has plans to improve it, by planting barley (likely for ale production).

Sword Brother Eldrast

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