Ebony Raven

Divine Focus


This small token is carved of ebony in the shape of a raven.


The Ebony Raven has been identified as a divine focus for an unknown divine being.


Recovered from Thorn River Crossing in late-TR 1049, this token has no known origins. The token is presently held by Siusaidh “Sweet” Ironhand.

Traditionally, ravens are known as the messengers of the gods. In Shemite traditions, respect for ravens dates back further than anyone remembers, and this reverence crosses all religious beliefs. Ravens are sacred and should not be slain. The appearance of a raven is said to be the witness of the gods to whatever task is at hand. Therefore, many citizens keep ravens as pets, or provide feeders for them and give them a great deal of latitude in their activities. Similarly, those trying to hide activities try to keep ravens from their environs.

Ebony Raven

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