Erilyn's Kiss

Weapon (War Pick), Uncommon


A war pick of fair quality, forged into the shape of a steel gauntlet grasping a cold-forged iron spike in its fist. The handle is made of finely-sanded and varnished hickory.


Erilyn’s Kiss is a non-magical weapon forged of good steel, but bears the cold-forged Iron Spike of the Morighu as its means of causing damage. While innately non-magical, the weapon is considered a War Pick, that negates the damage resistance of any Fey, Undead, or Fiends it is used against. Furthermore, it does an additional (d6) Necrotic damage to such creatures.


Forged in mid-Uktar of TR 1049, the war pick known as Erilyn’s Kiss was crafted from the Iron Spike of the Morighu on the forge of Iozef Eversnow, a Brakite ex-patriate who lived in Thornkeep. Although he specialized in light weapons, he was enlisted to make something of the iron spike the adventurers possessed, and after several days managed to cobble together this weapon.

Cold Iron is a rare form of iron left over from the creation of the “Parallel Planes”; the Material Plane, the Feywild, and the Shadowfell. It has never been molten and will loose its properties and become normal iron if smelted. This makes it very hard to work, and rare to find a skilled smith capable of forging weapons of the metal, lest it loose its special properties. The finished product must be worked from a single piece of ore, as it cannot be smelted.

Usually, a smith will ruin one or more set of tools working a single piece of cold iron, as the metal is tough to work with. The iron is often carefully forged into wire and inlaid into weapons as runes, rather than forging whole weapons of the metal.

Erilyn’s Kiss is presently wielded by Siusaidh “Sweet” Ironhand.

Erilyn's Kiss

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