Riven Blade

Weapon (Short Sword), Uncommon


An ancient blade of fine steel, forged in a similarly ancient style. The hilts are gilded and bear the shape of a dragon, some claim to be the gold wyrms Riven the Exile himself slew.


The Riven Blade acts as a Short Sword (+1) in combat, granting its bonus to hit and damage.


Anciently, the Riven Blade was rumored to be owned by the Phaedran god-hero Riven the Exile, who broke it on the gates of the unnamed spectral dragon-city of the Dragonmarch Mountains. According to tradition, it was reforged in the great fires of the burning of the fortress.

One of the lost relics recovered by the adventurers at the behest of Mistress Idara from the ruined temple of Korg in Mosswater, the Riven Blade was later given to Ricochet in exchange for a hefty donation to her church, during the cold, dark months of the TR 1049-50 winter. For the orphans, naturally.

The Riven Blade is presently possessed by Ricard “Ricochet” of Clan Shearwater.

Riven Blade

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