Sentinel Shield

Armor (Shield), Uncommon


A tall, though worn, knight’s shield made of hard oak, rimmed and decorated with dark iron. The upper quarter is emblazoned with an iron “demon skull” boss, engraved into the ironwork, and the remainder of the upper half is studded with heavy iron studs, matching those which hold the rim in place. The wood is painted with a simple, decorative pattern. Although not particularly valuable, it does have a distinctive style and hints at the wealth of its previous owner.


While holding the Sentinel Shield, you have advantage on initiative rolls and Wisdom (Perception) checks. It is treated as a normal shield in all other aspects of its nature (+2 to AC; weighs 6-lbs).

Demonic Watchfulness : Creatures with the sub-type “Fiend (Demon) or (Devil)” that come within a distance equal to 30’ times the wielder’s Proficiency Bonus of a properly equipped Sentinel Shield, cause the eyes of the shield’s Demon skull to glow faintly with a reddish hue. You and your companions cannot be surprised by such creatures.


Little is known about the Sentinel Shield. Found in the deep nest caverns of a group of Giant Fire Ants, its design is distinctly from the Azeryan Empire, in distant Lythia. How it came to rest in this isolated realm is anyone’s guess. Its name is due to the odd properties it grants its wielder.

The Sentinel Shield is presently in the possession of Siusaidh “Sweet” Ironhand.

Sentinel Shield

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