Thieves & Kings

Episode 40 - Paying No Toll

“Most people on the ledge of a tall building were not afraid they’d fall; they were afraid they’d jump."

Synopsis : After some personal inquiries and business, the adventurers investigate the mysterious “Tolling Tower”, sneaking in and poking about, but finding no denizens. The Goldwood RIng and Nann’s Bone Ring both point to a strange location just off the upper points of the tower, and confound the adventurers. The group does a little research on the Tower, finding something of its original purposes and history as a “Toll Tower” for Phaedran flying ships, decides to invest in some scrolls for divining, and spend a couple days scrying the tower, eventually discovering a band of mercenaries to reside there, and that they have a captive merchant, forcing the adventurers to strike back against them sooner to ensure his safety.

24th of Kelen, Adventurer’s Quarter“Ghostly Minstrel” :








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