The Horned King, Prince of Beasts, Demon Lord of Minotaurs – Demigod of Vengeance and Minotaurs


Civilization is weakness, and savagery is strength in the credo of Baphomet. The Horned King rules over minotaurs and others with savage hearts. He is worshiped by those who want to break the confines of civility and unleash their bestial natures, for Baphomet envisions a world without restraint, where creatures can live out their most savage desires.

Baphomet appears as a great, black-furred minotaur, 20’-tall with six iron horns. An infernal light burns in his red eyes. Although filled with bestial bloodlust, there lies within a cruel and cunning intellect devoted to subverting all of civilization.

Baphomet wields a great glaive forged of Abyssal Bloodiron named Heartcleaver, and he sometimes casts this dread weapon aside to charge his enemies and gore them with his horns, trampling them to the earth, and rending them with his teeth like a beast.

His lair is the palace Lyktion, within a dedicated layer of the Abyss (the 600th) known as the Endless Maze. Nestled within the twisting passages of the plane-wide labyrinth, Lyktion is immaculately maintained and surrounded by a moat constructed in the fashion of a three-dimensional maze. The palace itself is a towering structure whose interior is as labyrinthine as the plane itself, populated by minotaurs, goristos and quasits. It is within one tower of his palace, the Tower of Science, that he experiments with his minotaur children, breeding new monsters and demons, such as the goristo.

The holy symbol most attributed to Baphomet is a brass minotaur’s head with ruby eyes, though a stylized maze is sometimes used to depict him as well.

The domain of his followers and priests is War.


Baphomet has a multitude of minotaur, ogre, and giant followers and minions. He is also served by ghour demons, a race of demons resembling burly, hairless minotaurs which commanded troops of these mortal minions. He seeks to use them to further his schemes, notably to gain the upper hand in his battles against Yeenoghu. A multitude of other twisted creatures revered Baphomet as well, some becoming his thralls, and if they pleased their bestial patron, they would be granted rulership of a portion of the Endless Maze. Those who displease Baphomet are eaten

Cults devoted to Baphomet use mazes and complex knots as their emblems, creating secret places to indulge themselves, such as labyrinths of the sort their master favors. Bloodstained crowns and weapons of iron or brass decorate their profane altars. Over time, Baphomet’s cultists become tainted by his influence, gaining bloodshot eyes and coarse thickened hair. Small horns eventually sprout from their foreheads, and in time, the devout become transformed entirely into minotaurs – considered the greatest gift of the Prince of Beasts.

In urban areas, his cults are organized into secret societies along family lines, that have existed for generations. Members of these societies refer to themselves as Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth, and as an organization in the Coranik Imperium wielded no small amount of political power before it collapsed.


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