Barony of Ambarin - Heartlands


Ambarin : Ambarin is the center of Shem in many ways. It is the largest and most densely populated province of the realm, and it is home to Seville, the capital of the Principality. Even during the years in which most of this land was empty, the region was dotted with numerous isolated steadings, primarily along the broad Ambarin River.

The word “Ambarin” is ancient Common for “Amber-Cut”. The province takes its name from the broad river valley that dominates the region. The site of the capital city is on a bend of the river, where numerous ruins have been discovered, all dating to the enigmatic “Realm of the Stag”, including a large rocky hill which overlooks the river valley. Known as “The Rock”, this hilltop is now home to the fortress of Caer Wardane, the ancestral home of the Warduke clan and the primary defensive feature of the city. The castle shares the hilltop with the ruins of another, ancient ruin. It is said there are caves and vaults underneath Caer Wardane that are still unexplored by the clan.

Ambarin is the royal province, held directly by the Warduke without any vassal baron. However, several substantial lordships do exist, such as Bramblewood and Cultan Ford, and the estate is overseen by the Castellan of Caer Wardane, looking after local matters and administering secular matters in the Warduke’s name.

Towns : Seville is the second-largest town in Shem, with a population of nearly 5000 people. This is the farthest point at which the Ambarin is navigable to ocean-going vessels, and many facilities are available on the river-front for these vessels. The meat, produce, wool and leather of the local freesteads find their way to market here. Seville is home to some of the more specialized occupations not found elsewhere in the realm, such as scribes, bookmakers, glassblowers, jewellers and such. The town itself is administered by a Lord Mayor, who chairs the local Council and reports revenues and other matters directly to the Castellan.

Barony of Ambarin - Heartlands

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