Barony of Archenshield - Realm of Secrets


Archenshield : The Barony of Archenshield is a hilly region; the highest hills reach an altitude of more than 1000’ above the Iberian Plains, with bare stone crowns and sheer faces. Travellers from all across the eastern territories of Argoth come to admire the splendid gorges and try their hand at scaling the peaks. Archenshield’s soil is rocky and difficult to cultivate, but its quarries and mines are plentiful. The realm is ruled over by Baron Magriel Wyrmlyre, a planes-traveling mage of great powers, and a well-known close supporter of the Crown.

Archenshield also claims the north-western regions that border along the Beastflow River, which was ceded to the Warduke by Baud Selen in exchange for peace after the Battle of White Mines. During this fight, the Warduke had already inflicted several sound defeats on the expeditionary forces of the City-State of Crebain and with the capture and loss of 800 mercenaries at White Mines, Daen Crebain had lost all desire to continue the fight. As part of the agreement, Blackgate must keep its patrols out of the northern territories. The Warduke’s have established trade forts along the main routes to both Baud Selen and Katarre to facilitate regular patrols in the region, but the Iron RIng has stepped-up its activity in the region.

Towns : Archenshield’s largest settlement is the town of Citadel. Located in a region of high downs, most of the locals raise sheep and goats or pay to log the baron’s forests. Archenshield possesses some of the finest timber on the Grandwood, and represents its wildest settled region. It’s baron features highly in the Warduke’s court, especially since he is a known arcanist and planes-travelling wanderer.

The only other community of size within the region is the town of Starfall located in the southern highland Twilight Regions. An isolated, fortified community on the border with the Beast Shards, it operates fairly independently, but is dominated by threat of invasion by and worse. The city lies a day’s journey away from an ancient ruined fortress, and is best known for lying beneath the black cinder-streaked mountain of Cairngloom, as well as the ancient Abbey of the Black Star, a holy shrine to Magos, the Gray Voyager. The town produces vellum and fine wool, usually bound for the City-State of Serelind, but sometimes south to Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails.

Barony of Archenshield - Realm of Secrets

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