Barony of Freestead - The Stone Realm


Freestead : Occupying the western corner of the Forest Kingdom, under the shadow of the vast Grandwood. It is the wildest and most thinly settled Barony of Shem, and its people live under the constant threat of attack from the fell creatures of the Misty Crags. Freesteaders are a particularly stubborn and hardy breed, proud of their vigilance and courage – they wouldn’t give up their land for anything, and the constant threat of orc invasions are not about to make them move.

Although most of Freestead is within walking distance of the Baron’s capital at Grimstone, its northern reaches are especially thickly wooded and quite hilly. It is a rugged land, with scattered farms and more pastures than croplands. Its isolated steadings are often built with defense in mind, consisting of round stone towers and thick walls built by passing dwarven craftsmen, and heavy shutters, iron-bound oak doors and sturdy iron bars are found in even the smallest of homes.

The realm is ruled by Princess Adrianna Warduke’s own grandfather, Baron Greenstone, who is staunchly pro-Royalist, and considered one of the most well-liked rulers in the realm. His age, however, is a growing concern, as his health has faded significantly over the last few years, and his heir Lord Uillean Greenwater, a cousin of the Princess, is being prepared to take over the barony.

Towns : Like Elmshire March, Freestead has no sizable communities outside of its capital Grimstone. A port-town dominated by the dark fortress looming over the settlement, it produces thick wool, fish and is well-known for its ironmongery and stone work, influenced by the number of dwarves that have settled in the community. Trade caravans from the Kingdom of Greysmere lands pass through every year, and the bulk of any surplus food is shipped back into the western lands for dwarven steel weapons and armor.

Barony of Freestead - The Stone Realm

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