Barony of Seaholme - Songs of the Sea


Seaholme : The flattest and most open province of Shem, Seaholme is a region of gently rolling fields and scattered farms along the realm’s southern coast. Seaholme was one of the first provinces to come under the control of the Warduke banner, though it did not come easily. The province has been subject to random invasions from across the Pirate’s Run, and from the western wildlands, all dating to prior to the creation of the Principality. There have been none into this part of the realm since. Consequently, Seaholme has a high degree of loyalty towards the crown, primarily since they have brought peace to this realm. The people of Seaholme are organized into alert, well-trained militias that are quick to respond to any call to arms.

Seaholme contains some of the oldest settlements in the Forest Kingdom, since it was thinly populated when the rest of the Grandwood was desolate. There is a long-standing tradition of independence and self-reliance in the barony, often viewing the Warduke’s claim to the region as a necessary evil to keep the bite of the Lordship of Tulwyn from its shores. The realm is ruled by Baron Proudglaive, a simple nobleman of few desires and little need for power, who lives quietly on his estates in the Smoke Glens, leaving the city and its Council to rule itself.

Towns : The southern community of Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails is a royal free town, and the largest settlement in the realm. Founded nearly four-hundred years ago, the town was a pirate fortress when the Warduke first came to the region. Its capture early in his rise to power was considered a major victory for the region’s freedom. The town fell to the Warduke and a handful of picked mercenaries, when a turncoat opened the gates to them, and allowed them to storm the castle. Today, the city dominates trade outside Argoth, and is considered one of the most cosmopolitan town’s in the world, despite its relatively young age.

Barony of Seaholme - Songs of the Sea

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