Barony of Winewater - Blood and Wine


Winewater : East of Mornhaven, the ancient community of Winecastle controls this most distant of provinces of the Forest Kingdom. As the name implies, it is an agricultural province that produces wine, but also horses for its armies and many varieties of grain, fruit and vegetables. Often subject to raids from Seareach Castle, the locals are warriors first, but came under the banner of the Warduke peacefully, when its baron challenged him to personal combat, in a bid to save the lives of his people and soldiers. He apparently fought well, and his life was spared; the clan has held their ancestral lands over the years since, and are staunchly loyal to the Warduke.

The realm is overseen by Baron Southhall, whose clan has been a long-time supporter of the present regime. The Southhall are firmly behind Princess Adrianna Warduke, in most Council decisions, and their sons is considered the very flower of chivalry in the realm; one of his younger sons recently married Lady Arabella Garland of the Ravensgaarde Republic, following a courtship that lasted several years.

Towns : The only notable town, is the capital of Winecastle, a strong, ancient hold made fast by thick walls and a strong noble army, in addition to the royal cohorts in the region. It has firmly set its attentions to the northern independent the Barony of Tauria, as that realm’s activities have taken a darker and darker turn over the last few years. Skirmishing under the dark eaves of the Grandwood are common in the northern stretches of the barony.

Barony of Winewater - Blood and Wine

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