Droskar - The Dark Smith

Master of the Dark Furnace – Demigod of Toil, Slavery and Cheating


Droskar is a minor demigod with a very limited following among the surface-dwelling races. He believes that sufficient toil leads to eventual success, and that those who fail simply weren’t trying hard enough. In the pursuit of this goal, Droskar believes that one should be free to do whatever is necessary to accomplish one’s goals, even if that includes lying, cheating, the exploitation of others, or even worse crimes.

It is thought by many dwarves that followers of Droskar have hidden away the powerful artifact known as the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, as Droskar’s church see this artifact as a great threat against their god’s mission and authority.

Droskar is believed to reside in the Abyss where he has a purgatory of a realm called the Ashen Forge.

His primary symbol is a stone arch with a fire burning beneath it.

The domain of Droskar is Death.


Originally one of the greatest student smiths of Ilmarinen – The Creator, it was discovered that he had been copying his work from others whom he had enslaved. For this he was cursed by the Father of Creation to never be able to create an original work and cast from the pantheon. Rejected, he searched for followers of his own, promising them salvation in return for ceaseless work or simply enslaving them. None of these helped him, however, or inspired any originality within the god.

The god’s followers have declined on the surface of Argoth over the millennia, but it is below its surface that his teachings have continued. Droskar is the dominant religious figurehead of the Underdark-dwelling race of dwarves known as the Duergar. The rise of this religion also saw the appearance of various new creatures associated with endless toil, believed tied to his worship.

Droskar - The Dark Smith

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