Fellreeves March - Call of the Mountains


Fellreeves : The Fellreeves province is a March, overseen by the wardens of the Forest Kingdom. A highland region dominated by small, insular clans, who pride themselves on their independence, the Fellreeves province is rugged country, mostly high hills and mountains, with the population centered on its few river valleys and highland passes.

Towns : White Mines is located on the north-western edge of the province, noteworthy as a bustling industrial community with a dozen smelters, smiths, armorers and weapon-crafters. The smoke and haze of these ironworks hangs over the town’s narrow vale, darkening the sky by day and turning it a glowing red haze by night. White Mines is prosperous, but it is also a rough place where desperate men seeking coin come from hundreds of miles around, and there’s many a ruffian who will introduce a new arrival to the business end of a knife and rob them of their last copper.

Saltmarsh is a large town largely dominated by the fishing industry, though salt mining is growing in importance, and the town maintains close trade links by sea with the Barony of Freestead through the island chain known as the Giant’s Skip. Situated at the estuary of the Beastflow, the river that finds its source in distant Blackgate, the town is also the site of an embassy with the prolific lizard man tribes that live in the salt marshes located south along the coast, virtually its own little kingdom of the creatures.

Fellreeves March - Call of the Mountains

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