Lordship of Tulwyn - Island of Purple Sails


“Island of Purple Sails”. Originally founded sometime around 700 years ago, this independent realm has a foul reputation. Its primary inhabitants have always been corsairs, pirates and slavers, who seem to have survived the centuries raiding wherever and whatever they can. Their ships, noteworthy for the dark purple sails they sport, are a scourge, and the realms Lords have constantly involved themselves in expeditions and raids of the nearby Shemite woodlands, taking slaves and looting the forest realms there.

While the coasts of Tulwyn Island are well-charted and its fishing towns and villages known, there has been very little exploration of the interior of the island. The southern half is a large mountain chain, and the northern half is a thick, almost unforgiving forest, exploited for its timber, but there has been very little effort to exploit its resources outside of a few hours ride from the town walls.

In TR 975, thieves broke into the Kingdom of Phaedra’s royal treasure vaults, stealing several artifacts and spawning the “Treasure War”. In the end, Tulwyn itself was captured and forced into the Phaedran Worthhold, though the new Lord of Tulwyn promptly broke his oaths once the Phaedran mages and military left. Although the Lords of Tulwyn constantly declare their independence widely, the crown in Phaedra refuses to relinquish its claims to the island, but does nothing to try to enforce those same claims.

The fall of the Imperium has led to the failure of Tulwyni piracy, which has further begun to impoverish the smaller operators. The handful of surviving pirates possess small fleets, and must travel widely across the oceans to Lythia and Hepekeria seeking the rich cargoes they need to survive. The result of this, has been to to bring even more exotic goods into the city, and this has spawned the slave trade with the Underdark to make it an unusually cosmopolitan city, brimming with more and more exotic goods and cultures. The chief official exports of the city are fish and strong, but light seacraft, popular with smugglers and pirates both.

Lordship of Tulwyn - Island of Purple Sails

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