The City-State of Serelind - First Among Equals


This city-state is centered on the capital city of Katarre, which overlooks the mouth of the Siresha River. Its position on the fertile Iberian plains, has ensured its title of the “First Among Equals” in dealing with the other members of the Lord’s Alliance. Its ruler is High-Lord Phorakon Silvershield, who maintains his position through granting his three advisers great discretionary powers. The military might of the city is The Sisterhood of Steel, a female mercenary order of great age and tradition, who are completely loyal to their home city. Some 1700 strong, they are staunchly Laranian and maintain an isolated island fortress south of the city in the Iber Bight, known as the Isle of Oranges.

Katarre has always managed to lead the other states with a history of fairness and is the traditional leader of the combined Iberian militia armies in the field. Other than being the largest city on Argoth, and the center of Argoth’s trade, Katarre is famous for its fine seacraft and associated goods, such as rope, canvas and other textiles. Many important trade routes end in Katarre, bringing the goods of Azadmere, Antonica and the Hordelands with it, before they exchange for the goods of other realms and return each year.

The “Kingdoms of the Riverlands”, are an alliance in trade and defense, officially known as the Lord’s Alliance of the Iberian City-States. Although balkanized and given to fierce competition in trade and commerce, these nations meet regularly and put aside their differences when outside forces try to test their autonomy, and that unity has kept them intact over the years.

The City-State of Serelind - First Among Equals

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