The Darknight Brigade


Eastern Thieves’ Guild of Mornhaven

Controlling the eastern portion of Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails, is the enigmatic Coalsilver clan, who for centuries throughout their residence in the city, have been the primary controllers of the criminal underground in the city, if not its leading authority. Over the past century, however, the clan has lost territory along its edges to the various smaller chaotic gangs among Content Not Found: the-griffons, and now ruthlessly control the wealthy portions of the city. Today, no member of any of the western gangs would willingly raise a hand against the Coalsilvers, since the clan and its agents are known to strike back swiftly and ruthlessly.

The head of the Coalsilver clan and believed to be the leader of the Darknight Brigade, is Rikard Coalsilver, a well-dressed and intimidating merchant whose dark eyes would freeze the blood of a vampire. He and his kin are well-known to avoid any entanglements with the dark gods, and are considered one of the local leading clans. They do not hide the fact they want their own land and a nobleman’s title.

The Coalsilver clan is involved in local politics, and gets their wealth through being merchants, importing household goods (linens, knives, cutlery, pots and pans), and exporting charcoal, furniture and carts. The clan is fabulously wealthy, and their interests in the Darknight Brigade only adds to this wealth.


Traditionally, the organization participates in the usual activities of petty theft, protection rackets, and contract assassinations. They oversee the wealthy properties of the eastern part of the city as though one might a landlord, and their agents are known to react boldly when another encroaches upon their territory.

The Darknight Brigade

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