The Green Dagger Gang


A minor gang of thieves that once tried to carve its own territory from the chaos of the Griffons border controlled territory, near the central markets of the city of Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails. The gang has since been disrupted and removed from power.

During their brief attempt to seize territory in the city, they established a small protection racket and conducted various robberies, but never managed to find a niche in which they could excel. Eventually, most of the group were slaughtered, and only a couple of members managed to escape into the city at large, before the gang was destroyed.

The gang has, of course, faded from the history of all but the most dedicated scholars of local history, and hasn’t even managed to achieve notice in any historical references beyond a bare mention in the Chronicles of the Westlaws, as written by the Westlaws Regency Herald, Ketta Evermask.


The gang was created and led by Crythas, a sorcerous elven renegade who arrived in the city with strong finances and high hopes. Meeting with some success, performing small robberies, general beatings and an arson which netted them a small warehouse to smuggle future goods into the city, they quickly gained the attention of their rivals on both sides of the border they were trying to wedge open; the Black Hammers (of The Griffons ) and the infamous Darknight Brigade itself.

Trying to acquire more power and replace lost personnel, the gang smuggled some ancient relics of Warphit, the Undergod, which also led them to the attention of the Thane of Westlaws March. A group of adventurers soon sacked their rundown manor and after slaughtering the majority of their gang, looted their outer vaults and treasures. The gang thus ended its operations.

Today, their townhouse has been taken over as a diplomatic residence by the Regent-Thane Charisma Pike, and presently remains under light guard, with only a handful of servants. The gang’s former warehouse also serves as a storage facility for trade goods being shipped to and from the Westlaws.

The Green Dagger Gang

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