The Kingdom of Greysmere - Dwarven Crags


The Kingdom of Greysmere is the name of the realm and its chief city of Khuzdul (dwarves) in the far western stretches of the Principality. While there are numerous human citizens who dwell and work within the dwarven lands, they are all considered subjects of King Thrar III of the Kingdom of Greysmere. The lands routinely import food and drink from their human allies in the Principality, exporting their valuable Dwarf-Forged blades, armor and raw ore. They maintain very cordial relations with both Imladris and Shem, and have an ambassador attached to the court at Seville, Bryth Ironstar.

The bulk of the Khuzan population of the Principality lives within about a dozen holdings located along the Mistcrags, generally unmarked on the maps of men because of their underground nature. These communities tend to range from small colonial mining operations of less than a hundred, to the capital of Greysmere itself, whose population of nearly 6000 includes humans, elves and gnomes. Two of these colonies, Noegrod and Telenaug, are noted as being built under the ruins of older dwarven cities, and have come to recent attention, as they have begun to settle the lands outside their holdings, and their forge-fires are easily smelt upon the constant easterly winds.


Avorath Royal Guard, w/ Mattock

Noegrod (Dwarven – “New Nogrod” ) : Excavated from the ruins of the mining town Nogrod, the town has a population of more than a thousand dwarves and their extended clan has built an maintained a reputation as being among the finest weaponcrafters and armorsmiths in the world. The clanhead rules the colony in the kings name, and has a valuable seat next to the king in council. Expeditions are continually launched into the caves and mines below Noegrod, in an effort to reclaim these lost and flooded halls, and recover the city’s lost treasures. The legendary battleaxe Erchmar was recovered in these mines, and returned to the royal clan, as one of their symbols of authority.

Telenaug (Dwarven – “Foresight” ) : One of the largest of dwarven holds, Telenaug has a popualtion of more than 1500 dwarves. The local clan, like their cousins in Noegrod have been delving into the ruins of what was once Belegost, and many older dwarves refer to it as such. Though the forging complexes are quite masterful, their output falls far lower than Noegrod, primarily due to its damaged status. The mines below the city are in operation, and a wide variety of ores are found here, but they will never match those of its rival, nor those of the capital in Greysmere.

Avorath (Dwarven – “Greywater or Greysmere” ) : The city of Greysmere is a community of almost 6000 people (most of which are dwarves), but is really two cities; the Outer City and the Inner City. The Outer City lies in the steep bowl of the ancient volcano of Greysmere, so noted for the deep waters in its center; the Inner City is carved into the cliffs of the volcano itself. Humans who live in, or visit the community live in the Outer City, which is primarily devoted to human residences and various crafts. The bulk of the city’s dwarves have their residences within the mountain, even though they work within the Outer City. Very few humans are permitted access to the Inner City.

The dwarves of Greysmere, known more commonly as “Hill Dwarves”, have keen senses, deep intuition, and a remarkable resilience.

PCs as Hill Dwarves : Your Wisdom score increases by one (1). Also, your HP maximum increases by one (1), and further increases every time you gain a level.

The Kingdom of Greysmere - Dwarven Crags

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