The Mage's Guild of Mornhaven

“People will believe anything, if you whisper it”


The Mornhaven chapter pf the Guild of Arcane Lore, is a stuffy, traditional organization. The traditional elements of the Shek-Pvar are followed, requiring sponsorship to become a member of the guild, and is often a process involving months to years before approval is granted. Proven ability and good reputation are also required.

The local Guild of Arcane Lore maintains a wide collection of contacts, including many well-connected, powerful individuals; Princess Adrianna Warduke’s own Chancellor, Master Valliance, is a member. The Guild houses a massive library for reference on most any topic, and is considered the single most powerful repository of Arcane Lore and magical artifacts in the realm. Access to these resources are impossible without the support of an existing member.

The building itself is a massive 5000’-square affair with four levels above ground and an uncertain number of cellar levels. As well as its library, shrine to Magos, the Gray Voyager and various teaching rooms, the lower levels are reputed to contain numerous vaults holding the lost lore of the Amber Mages, many unknown spells and tomes of lost lore, and artifacts that are considered too dangerous to be wielded by any one mage.

There are reputed to be about a dozen full-time Mavari, or Masters, in residence at any given time.

The Mage's Guild of Mornhaven

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