The Ravensgaarde Republic


Bowland Vale

A collection of seven separate realms, all serving together as “Knights of the Ravensgaarde”, an obscure order thought long since lost to the past. Each realm was formed by the group from various bandit realms and corrupt kingdoms, wrested by the adventurers and made their own. They each control a fortified location, with a keep or more substantial fortified town, and various subordinate farmlands, mines, forests and villages, which help support their own personal guards and hirelings.

Known “Houses” include; House Whitelock, House Sunblade, House Shadowraven, House Luneshara, House Greyjoy, House Garland, and House Bluescale. Of the seven, Houses Luneshara and Shadowraven, have risen in importance, as they hold the largest share of population, particularly the rich lands and expansive fortress of Bowland Vale, and the fortified town of Falconmere, respectively. The other realms each control a small fortress and a handful of mines, villages and thorps. Most of the internal trade occurs between these two lands, and the Republic meets yearly in Bowland Vale for trade, military and other discussions regarding their realm.

The Ravensgaarde Republic

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