The Republic of Fairhaven - White Magic


“The White Flame”

Both city and land, Fairhaven is a small, clean, well-ordered city, with the White Tower standing at the heart of the realm. The city remains a collection of narrow, four-story masonry houses set shoulder-to-shoulder along cobbled streets, always filled with moving food vendors.

The roughly oval city is strongly fortified with heavy masonry walls and the natural moat of the River Erihn. Order is maintained by patrols of “Hands of the Mages”, who are seemingly everywhere in the city, spying and firmly keeping the peace in an already peaceful community. Neither citizens nor visitors are allowed open brandishing of scrolls, wands or similar items of magic without a “Writ of Magic”, declaring the person to be about the Mage Council’s business. Inks, parchment and related scribes materials for rituals are closely monitored and taxed, making the materials difficult to procure.

The city’s economy is based on sausages, pickled vegetables, bottled fruits (berries and cherries in honeyed wine), and glassware. The city’s origins as a wealthy community were from the work of the Potter’s Guild, and this organization still controls valauble clay pits and mercantile position in the city. Rumors place the guild as having built extensive pits and tunnels throughout the city’s undercellars, and controlling the local Lia-Kavair (or Thieves Guild).

Most merchants from across the Border Kingdoms, but including the Freeport Republic to the south-west, the knight’s Kingdom of Antonica to the north-east, and further afield flock to the city’s market, seeking fruits & vegetables, livestock, tallow, glues and varnishes, produce, grain, glassware and bottled goods, eggs, poultry, harness and farming tools, and trade wagons. Visitors tend to stay in city inns, located just inside the city walls, or rooming houses located in the Torchshadow District specifically “approved” for travelers. It is popularly joked that the denizens of Torchshadow are all spies.

The frowning heights of the central fortress known as “The White Tower” are rumored to be guarded by scores of animated armor, among other less palatable creatures. Even the “Hands” rarely come to the Tower unless summoned or on their business. The White Tower is rumored to be filled with vast numbers of stolen books and other magicks.

Outside the city itself, the land is prosperous, and possibly the most productive in all the Border Kingdoms. The common folk lead simple, sedate lives, knowing their produce will always have a market.


The Republic of Fairhaven dates back to the region’s annexation by the Coranik Empire, and has long had a history of peaceful survival against the larger nations around it. The magocracy was first established as a republic shortly after the collapse of the Coranik Theocracy in TR 588. It consisted of a vast unsettled wilderness, and was governed by an elected “High Council of the Republic”. It formed alliances with Antonica, and in TR 661 came under attacks from Coranik, precipitating the Five Year War, as it appealed to Antonica for succor.

It was able to gain its independence after the war and sought a way to strengthen its army, deciding to follow the lead of Phaedra, placing local mages as its High Council. Since that time, it has established a tradition of being a magocracy, prospering from its fertile lands, position on the King’s Road, and maintaining its absolute independence from Traska and the Coranik Imperium, despite a small military.

The Fell Swarm, and the fall of the Imperium brought with it an upsurge in population, the failure of much of its trade, and a decidedly Chaotic bent to its culture. The white robed mages and steel-armed troops of Fairhaven have begun to flex their military muscles among the Border Kingdoms, and many feel it’s only a matter of time before they begin to expand their holdings. Fairhaven produces nothing exceptional, though trade has developed its production of trade wagons, travel food, and its coins are becoming more popular among the Border Princes, and it has a growing reputation as a stable regional market.

The Republic of Fairhaven - White Magic

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