The Stone Circle


One of the most extensive of the “good-aligned” societies in the Dominions, the Stone Circle can be found throughout Argoth, from the ruins of the Shatter, to the Kingdom of Azadmere, with its agents ranging even further into the distant lands of Lythia, , Hepekeria and the wilderness of northern Argoth. They are a loose, though powerful, organization devoted to the idea of maintaining peace between the various nations of Argoth and protecting the land and its people from goblins, greedy traders and the gods.

The Stone Circle found its origins in an adventuring company several hundred years ago. Consisting of druids, bards and rangers, it has grown along the same lines as its new members replace its senior membership. It lacks any central control, but its principles are believed to be guided closely by Alya, the Lady of Peace, and its members closely follow the ideals of that goddess.

The Stone Circle’s aims are many, but are summarized by the informal code :

“The Stone Circle works to protect the peaceful nations and cities of Argoth from danger; such dangers include the goblin-kin tribes, foreign operatives from dangerous nations such as Hepekeria and Ivinia, and the operatives of such organizations as The Black Network and The Ice Lords.”

“The Stone Circle seeks to maintain the balance between the wild and the civilized, between the settled and the natural, between man and nature.”

“The Stone Circle polices its own – a member who behaves in a harmful manner, or who violates the Circle’s ideals will have their support removed, including imprisonment or destruction if necessary.”


Agent of the Stone Circle

Members of the Stone Circle are meddlers by nature. This is apparent by their half-dozen plots, plans and situations that they are involved in at any given time. Usually occupied with finding out what everyone else is involved in, and if it disturbs the relative peace and tranquility of their part of the world, moving as quietly as possible against it. They can be subtle, stressing gentle nudges against problems, but blunt attacks against the Circle result in often blunt ripostes in order to prevent future attacks.

The Stone CIrcle prefers small government to large nations and free men to despots. They openly work with the Princess Adrianna Warduke and the Grey Council when it suits them, but sometimes will frustrate and delay these forces. The Warduke’s chancellor, Lord Valliance has a long-standing grudge against the Stone Circle, though this might be a personal rivalry with some of the agents allied to the Circle (namely Baron Magriel of Archenshield).

The Stone Circle’s greatest strength is not in armies, but in its individual members strengths and influence, which includes some who do indeed have armies at their disposal. Talent is its member’s greatest asset. Most members are active and retired adventurers who have great power through direct activity in the darker, shadowed parts of the world, and have seen, first hand, the changes wracking society as it pushes ever-further into the wilderness. Several cities include its members in places of power, and its allies include such notables as; Prince Elendsa of Archona, King Toron of Phaedra, King Verlid VII of Brak, Lady Araphor of Brionne, and Princess Adriana of Shem.

Long-term members of the Stone Circle include the notables Baron Magriel Amberlore of Citadel in Archenshied, Lady Sharn Shatterstar of Penhaligon, and High Lady Stormsilver of Blackgate, who is rumored to be one of the founding members.

The Stone Circle has no official base of power, no place to them that is what Baud Selen is to the Obsidian Order. They do have two known locations that they gather in relative frequency and are considered safe havens for its members. Twilight Hall in the Kingdom of Brak is officially a temple of Ohmar, Lord of all Songs, and the center of that church on Argoth, though only a portion of that complex is held by members of the Stone Circle, who use it as a training hall for new members.

The second center for Stone Circle activity is in Citadel in the Barony of Archenshield. Often a way station for travelers, at a crossroads to many different locations, it is an excellent location for gathering information and meeting contacts. Many of the newer members of the Stone Circle come from the area around Citadel, and as an added bonus, the Barony of Archenshield is ruled by one of the Circle’s leading members, Baron Magriel Amberlore. The tavern at the Stag in Citadel is the informal center of Stone Circle activity, where its members relax and swap tales of their journeys among friends and over a good brew of local ale.

The Stone Circle

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