Village of Shadows


A typical sub-urban collection of tenements, farms and shops built from fieldstone and roofed with thatch, the village of Shadows is dominated by its proximity to the eastern gate of Mornhaven, the City of Bright Sails. The limiting factors of the village are the walls of Mornhaven to the west, the rocky coastline to the south, and the gaunt Hog’s Wood to the east, as well as its cliffs and the Necropolis beyond.

As a result, the village has numerous large, three-story stone tenements, which seems to have a population of mostly mercenaries and soldiers. Local tenements rent small single room housing for 20 sp per month, with no furnishings, unless the previous tenant left them, a small corner fireplace and no direct access to water or sanitation. These rooms share space building space with two dozen or so others, can be cramped places, and tend to burn down during the colder winter months. They are typically owned by noble families or merchant clans in town, seeking a little extra profit. The “Stonepost” also helps to keep the local populace well-armed and attracts merchants seeking to hire a few extra blades or scouts. Rumors constantly circulate, however, that the village hides a darker secret to explain the well-armed citizenry – the local Assassin’s Guild.

The “Stonepost” is a 12’-high menhir of rough natural stone, supported by numerous thick timber logs pounded into the ground around it. Sometimes referred to as the “Bloodstone”, it has numerous parchment bounty notices and standing employment offers for mercenaries spiked to the logs around it. In addition, there are usually a handful of unemployed mercenaries sitting on the timber or lurking in the local vicinity looking for work.


Shrine of Amalthea – Bringer of Life Renewed : An ancient hall kept in immaculate condition despite its age. The ancient oak doors are embossed with a stylized peacock in gold, a donation from a wealthy patron in the past. The shrine is looked after by Father Kirith, an imposing 7’-tall man with an icy stare and a full wild, grey beard streaked in black, who seems as likely to harm a patron as bless them. Gruff of voice, he works wounds like a smith works a blade on his forge, and exudes great confidence. He often patrols the local tenements, healing the wounded in full combat garb, and takes a meal in the Shadowgate Inn every evening, to see after the patrons there as well. He is universally well-liked by the local mercenaries and soldiers, and has great experience in battlefield care.


Innkeeper (“Shadowgate Inn”) : ### $$$ : Shadowgate Inn is one of the oldest buildings in the village. A large three-story affair, each level has balconies and seems more like a highland chalet than an urban inn. The ground level is a common tap-house, with heavy fireplaces of local stone and an extensive kitchens. The second level is devoted to private suites for guests, and the upper level is reserved for the owner and his servants.

Managed by Titania, a loud, boisterous, buxom redhead highland woman with an over-bearing attitude. While she never insults guests, she is impatient and has no time for small talk, and most people avoid talking to her because of the thick ox-whip coiled on her hip. She runs a tight inn, with all her “boys” obeying her with no discussion. Rough ale, lagers and wines sell for 5 cp, 1 sp and 3 gp per flagon, respectively. She serves beef stews and fried mushrooms (2 sp per serving) and often keeps a roast boar on the spit (4 sp per serving, with bread and mushrooms), in addition to beef broth for the poor (2 cp per serving, with bread and small beer). Rooms are small private affairs with a single bed, table, chair and washbasin, costing 5 sp per night. A common room is available at 2 sp per night, with a pair of rooms each holding a dozen bunks, barracks-style.


Mercantyler (“Brown’s Mercantile”) : ### $$$ : An equipment shop run by the famous retired mercenary Draconis Brown, resplendent in his gleaming bronze breastplate armor and vicious-looking longsword, named “Nightstriker”. Now known for his gentle nature, grown son and local-born wife, Draconis maintains a huge stockpile of adventuring (and war) gear, supplies and specialty goods such as alchemist’s fire, but no weapons or armor. He is known to provide bulk quantities at a discount, and often supplies the local mercenary bands, as well as the local town garrison, with goods. His prices and quality are both fair. Typical goods include; cured ox-hides (4′×4′ – 1 sp), oats (10 sp per 30-lbs sack), dried beans (15 sp per 30-lbs sack), dried fish (60 sp per 30-lbs sack), iron spikes (10 sp per bundle of ten), lamp oil (4 sp per 5-lbs pottery jug), torches (3 sp per 30-lbs sack), rope (50’ hemp – 10 sp), woolen cold-weather cloaks (20 sp), packs (20 sp), wooden poles (5 cp), and cloth sacks (1 cp).


Ostler (“East Commons”) : #### $$$$ : One of the finest buildings in Shadows, is Master Decillia Raidmount’s* stables. While she keeps her residence in the city, her local barns and stable are well-made and finely appointed, with limestone floors and a private blacksmith in her employ. She and her small clan trade horses and stable the mounts of travelers, perform repairs on equipment, and also do some training on raw mounts. She usually has about a dozen riding and war horses available for purchase at any given time, and keeps a handful of ponies and mules for caravan work. They usually have a few small herds of swine and auroch in their care, bound for market in the city.

A noted expert on horses and their veterinary needs, her two young daughters are just as capable in their care. Her husband Gaelin is also her talented blacksmith, and she keeps a few assistants to help look after the pastures and common work of the business, like feeding, and who live in the stables and double as guards. She keeps extensive records on each of the mounts under her care.


Weaponsmith (Spec : Armor) : ### $$$$ : This shop graces its visitors with a vast array of exotic weapons – battle staves, double-bladed great axes, hand horns, all of bizarre and antiquated styles. Roughnoggle the gnome keeps his prices high (150%) and is a hobbyist regarding his collection, but spends his time working on pet armor projects. He does most of his business embossing armor with clan and guild marks and sigils, and makes utilitarian armor of all kinds, to order. He usually keeps a handful of standard armor types on-hand for most local customers. Quiet and reserved, he is known to have a vast knowledge regarding exotic armor types and weaponry, and is consulted by visiting adventurers from afar.

Village of Shadows

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