Kurse - The Corruptor

The Rustlord, The Dark Bringer, Lord of the Deepest Pit – God of Disease, Decay, Plague and Corruption


Kurse is often depicted as a withered old skeleton wrapped in tattered robes. Where he walks, misfortune and death follows. He has the personality of a petulant, greedy child trapped in the body of a once handsome man now scarred by horrific disease and ravaged by great age. He alternately desires attention at any cost like a small child and becomes aloof like a wounded paramour who has been discarded by his lover.

Creed : Let pain be as pleasure, for life and death are in balance, but death is the more powerful and should be paid proper homage and respect. Death is the true power, the great equalizer, and the lesson that waits for all. If it falls to you to drive home the point with the tip of the dagger, so be it. The Corruptor works upon you from within, and weakness and wasting is his strength. The Rustlord’s breath is always with you, whomever you or the rest of the world believes in or serves. Let all living things learn respect from Kurse, and pay homage to him in goods and fervent worship. If they do so, intercede for them so that they will not be claimed among the unfaithful – this time. GO and work in Kurse’s name, and let your works be subtle or spectacular, but make them known as the will of the Lord of All Plagues.

The clerical domain of Kurse is Death.


The church of Kurse is organized following a strict hierarchy, but riven by factions and sects. Aside from selling poisons, antidotes and medicines, the clergy travel the Dominions quietly, constantly seeking new diseases and spreading rumors to augment the reputation of Kurse. What seems to motivate them, is primarily a desire for respect in the potential devastation his priests can wreak in his name.

Throughout their careers, they build up resistances to poisons and diseases, and thus protected take work serving where these things are common; leather workers, apothecaries, and physicians. Whenever the church of Kurse is punished, for whatever reasons, its clergy work to cause plagues in the region to exact a price for their losses, until the y are welcomed back in, or it has run its course, usually devastating the realm.

Kurse - The Corruptor

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