The Adventurer's Quarter

The Adventurer’s Quarter is the closest thing to a Foreign Quarter to be found anywhere in the City of Bright Sails. If the city had a heart (and most claim it doesn’t), the Adventurer’s Quarter is the district of the city where adventurers seem to always end up. It is possibly the most cosmopolitan part of the already cosmopolitan city in the Forest Kingdom.


Bounded by the Ambarin River to the west, and including the city’s old mill, it is tucked away against the north wall of the city. The district border continues south from the main North Gate of the city south along the widest and most travelled street in the city, West Market Road, to the entrance to Rustwyvern Towers, the sprawling residence of the Rustwyvern clan. To the south, lies the Bridgegate District and its Trader’s Court.

The quarter is about the same size as any other district in the city, but is noteworthy for its population of primarily adventurers and dungeon delvers, where they seem to live, congregate, make their plans and spend their treasures. Many non-humans call the district home, and as the saying goes, “Everything passes through the Adventurer’s Quarter.”

There is only one major road, the North Tower Street, that passes from the Trader’s Court through the heart of the district. There are three noteworthy gathering places; Adventurer’s End, Walled Angle, and the infamous Curio Court.

Adventure’s End : An isolated court in the middle of a cluster of residences often populated by retired adventurers. The court is known for being a place where these adventurers gather to swap stories late at night, and is avoided by thieves.

Curio Court : Best known as the entrance to Undercity Market, and site for much of the district’s business. Many mercenaries, often poor adventurers, are known to wait here for hire.

Walled Angle : A former residence, rebuilt as a minor park and thoroughfare to grant the district access west to the West Market Road and North Gate. Though the interior buildings have been demolished, the walls of the former residence remain, with a gate drilled into the southern wall to provide general access through into the quarter.

The quarter hosts many residences, shops and other places of business, of which a selection is listed below. There are many older apartments to be found in the portions near the river, and that region is especially filled with adventurers and the agents of the Griffons, who claim this section of town as their own. Also, many young and inexperienced mages, fighters and clerics can be found for those seeking to fill their rosters.


Shrine (“Water Queen’s House”) : Temple of Hydania the Queen of the Oceans : A small, walled shrine located in the far south-western corner of the district, the shrine has a single priestess, Sea-Mother Iseabal, known for her beauty and rough dealings with the darker shade of the folk who make a living from the river and the sea. While there is a larger (and more respectable) shrine to Hydania just east across the Trader’s Court that appeals to sea merchants and ship’s officers, this particular shrine is patronized by common fishermen and riverfolk. The Sea-Mother is assisted by three acolytes and numerous shady seamen, who are often pirates on leave; the Harbour Rats are known to swing wide of this shrine, as violence and smuggling are commonly associated with the place.

The shrine is constantly a site of the illicit goods trade, often given as offerings for the shrine’s blessings and potions, and the shrine is always on the hunt for new worshipers. Its membership are particularly noted for their zeal, and often take working passage on a ship solely to try and convert their shipmates. The shrine has become infamous for adopting local young urchins into its ranks, and in a few years might have a sudden upswing in its clergy membership, when these increasingly fervent children assume a larger role in the community. The main building is host to several salt pools, a workshop that produces and sells relics of Hydania such as blessed spyglasses and nautical charts, and is known to keep an extensive archive of charts and maps of the surrounding coastal waters, and the river banks of the Ambarin for many miles north. As expected, the shrine has a political reach that far exceeds its appearances.


Innkeeper (“Inn of the Rose and Thorn”) : ### $$$ : Located at the mid-point of North Tower Street, the confluence of the residential and shopping areas of the district, the “Rose and Thorn” is is a large, bustling place . The strong, pleasant aroma of spicy sauces and broiling fish is always the first thing anyone notices about the place. Master Gilles Stain, a widower of slim build owns the place, and is known for his somewhat oily, fawning manner towards guests. He is aided by his six cheerful and hard-working daughters, noteworthy for their plain appearances, though all are excellent cooks and workers. Master Gilles is always trying to find them wealthy husbands, treating all men who are regulars with attention. His daughters recognize this and try to keep him otherwise busy.

Private rooms are usually available, but can prove pricey, at 2 gp per night, but come with fresh bedding, a washbasin with fresh water and towel, lockable door and a trunk for one’s gear. A warm bath can also be arranged for an additional 2 gp. Most stay in the common room for 3 sp per night, including a seperate trunk for one’s gear, but no locks. Stabling can be arranged for an additional 1 gp per mount. The typical meals include either roast eels or fish in the inn’s special spiced sauces, with roasted beans, two small loaves of bread, and a pitcher of either wine or ale, for 3 gp per serving, but the feast is well-made and popular among adventurers.


Innkeeper (“The Rabbit Hole”) : ## $$ : Located down a narrow alley in the shadow of the main temple of the Queen of the Oceans, this dark, dank tavern filled with shady characters, serving maids and many foreigners. Most tend to be the brigands and low-life warriors and rogues of the district, and tend to be of an evil nature. Strangers are immediate targets for trouble, particularly when they prove nosy. The upper levels are held as private for select regulars to conduct private business, and the cellars are rumored to be filled with illegal goods popular among its patrons; weapons, poisons and thieves’ tools are available to those with the proper code words. Whatever its faults, however, the place excels as a place for information and a clearing house for unemployed thugs. The proprietor is a sleazy scum named Pieter Lovelace, always accompanied by his ogre bodyguard “Ford”. Pieter is assisted by a whorish maid, Morag and her mother Lili. Together they wait tables, and keep the place relatively clean, while Ford keeps the peace.

Meals tend towards simple roast rabbit at 1 sp per joint or rack of ribs, served in a bread bowl. The cellars brew a salty, horrid ale and keep an even worse wine for 3 cp per tankard. Rarer drinks can be ordered, but are expensive and limited in quantity. The tavern has no rooms and offers no stabling.


Jeweller : #### $$$$ (Spec : Silversmith) : A silversmith, who only deals in silver and plating weapons for adventurers in that precious metal, for a charge of 1200 sp per weapon. He is noted as both quick and readily takes commissions.


Lexigrapher : ### $$$$ : Fornost Everdim is a Phaedran, whose large staff produce ink and parchment for the quarter from this modest, though busy little shop. The real attraction, however, is that for a few silvers, visitors can be admitted to the “Hall of Argoth”, a large hall in the back that has its entire floor made of a detailed, hand-lettered mosaic that details the known continent of Argoth. In addition, fair maps of the continent and select regions are available for 100 sp to interested buyers.


Mercantyler : #### $$$ (Spec : Produce) : Sergei “The Grocer” Bowerthorn and his young Drek bride Leena operate this large shop. Located very near the Trader’s Common, only his apprentices and journeymen live in the upper level, and the couple keep a private residence deeper in the quarter, that overlooks the river. The couple met after Sergei’s first wife died, and they married to legitimize the relationship. His only child, Tanya remains confused by the whole situation, and works a stall in the nearby Trader’s Common.

The store offers a wide variety of goods, much of which is brought in daily from the nearby valley farmlands. The shop (and its market stall) are famous for its freshness and taste. In addition, Leena produces a line of soaps that they sell on the side. Bacon (7cp per lbs), beans and peas (5 sp per 15-lbs basket), dried beef (15 cp per lbs), apples and pears (17 sp per 30-lbs basket), garlic and onions (10 sp per lbs), lard (3 sp per 3-lbs jar), oats (5 sp per 15-lbs basket), and wheat (8 sp per 15-lbs basket). The shop sells its soap in two varieties; regular (15 cp per bar) and scented (25 cp per bar). In addition, he gets in the rare dried Molkurian Tomatoes on a regular basis for (8 sp per 3-lbs jar).


Miller : ### $$ : A smallish walled enclosure that hosts a large stone mill, one of two owned by the infamous Woodhew clan. A tall, broad-shouldered man with a patch over one eye that hints at his militant past as a caravan guard, Targon Woodhew is a violent and ardent supporter of his clan, and has a history of going out with his apprentices to bust heads at night with their staves. He is not prone to bargaining, and is firm on all his good’s prices, though they tend to be quite reasonable.


Seaman’s Guild : ### $$$ : Mostly a hostel for sailors and rivermen, mariners from across Argoth and beyond can be found here.


Weaponcrafter : #### $$$$ (Spec : Long Blades) : This workshop is of heavy timber construction, with iron grates on the windows shaped like swords. Alton Sharp is a master weaponsmith, best known for his work with longswords and greatswords, but has been known to make maces and spears when requested. HE also spends a great deal of time offering sharpening services to adventurers and nearby shop keepers.

A compulsive fisherman, Sharp is rarely seen early in the day, unless one visits him on the nearby banks of the Ambarin River, where he and some locals often gather, sharing a drink of ale and swapping “fish-tales”. He is known to give adventurers with a good tale of “the river monster that got away” a good deal. He also does custom work at a price of 20 gp per day, but is best with his battleaxes (120 sp), daggers (25 sp), greatswords (600 sp), longswords (200 sp), and maces (60 sp). His weapons can also be forged as masterwork, for the usual fee of 10x his regular costs, and are noteworthy for their snakeskin handles and distinctive scrollwork designs.

The Adventurer's Quarter

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